Friday, September 25, 2015


Few people I am very close with probably know that I have been running far lately, because I get sick of my neighborhood.

I need fresh air. I need my daily dose of sky.

You know how much I love looking at skies, especially crystal-clear sky without clouds, and crystal-clear sunsets.

One of the reason I always go running at 4PM is to look forward looking at pretty sunsets. The season here is currently super hot and dry so the sky are supposed to be perfectly clear.

I normally only bring my cheap MP3 during running because I don't want extra weight (apart of my heavy buni buni tummy, ugh) but since every time I go running I always witness this really awesome view of sky and sunsets, yesterday I decided to tag my camera along with me.

And I don't know whether it is Murphy law or something, the sky was cloudy yesterday. =X

The Jogja Titik Nol (Zero KM) view. It was pretty quiet that day because it was Aidladha celebration day. Nice =D

East sky. To be honest, the real east sky that time was not this beautiful blue. Casio Exilim camera isn't only making your face pretty, but also the skies! ♥

The orange sunset. To be expected that capturing sun (and mood) in pictures is super hard. But trust me, the sun that sets these few weeks are super orange just like yummy yummy yolks! Super~kirei da ne!

And that day happened to have clouds! =)

Lots of love ♥


  1. Hello!!
    Nice captured!
    the sunset as viewed from our part of the world is also very yolk color and surprisingly I can look at it without having to use sunglasses. it's so clear! but i guess it is due to the haze covering our sky right now :S
    I see your sky is blue. I am waiting for ours to be as blue as yours, once again.
    and applause to your exercise regime! I havent started mine. food are just too awesome. :P

    1. Yeahhh long live yolk colour! So pretty and yummy (?)! That is one amazing thing, no sunglasses needed at all =D
      Oh my your area is affected by haze as well! The hot season is way too long, rains seriously need to come soon to wash the haze away! I heard that irresponsible people burn the forest in Indonesia, well I hope law will take action soon right away! Poor people who live around the red spots! I couldn't imagine how haze is like. My place has no effect of haze but I feel my neighbors! =(
      Hopefully the sky turns blue soon there! Wish for rain to wet the forests! ={
      And I should agree with you, foodies are awesome! =D


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