Monday, September 7, 2015

Prince from the stars ★


Where is my prince from the stars?

Okay so I have been catching up some super popular Korean dramas.

So for this post I'll talk about:

★★★My love from another stars★★★

And I am super happyyyy~ that I've watched it.

One of the best K-drama ever!

If you are not a K-drama fan (or Korean stuff fan), I told you this drama worth a try!

I can understand how it is super popular everywhere, because it deserves it!

So, my sis has watched it once (she will never be left out for any Korean stuff!) and to my surprise, mum has watched it TWICE (what) and to my mostestestest surprise, dad HAS WATCHED IT ONCE!

And I am sure youngest doggie sister Miki has watched it at least once okay!?

Hahaha okay. I was the only one hasn't watched it.

So I caught it up at home. And it left a super big impact to me. I am in awed!

Reasons why this drama has become my favourite:

It has its super generous shares of comedy; I literally laughed good times! (If you have known me for long, you'll know that I seldom laugh at shows).

This scene, seriously, laugh die me!! She drove super well hahahaha!!

This scene was when Do Min Joon started to ignore her and she went crazy; but hahahaha laugh die me!!

Song Yi upon realising that she called Do Min Joon 19 times last night when she was drunk. Hahahahaha!

Song Yi tried to grab Min Joon's attention by giving him her shoes (watch the show to understand) ahahahaha!

And crying super hilariously when Min Joon asked her to get out hahahahaha laugh die me!

And now here I am in front of laptop, laughing like crazy when I saw those scene shots hahahaha!!
It also has its super generous shares of drama; I really squeezed my tearducts out dry dry. I meant it. I had swollen face the next day after crying for whole hour while watching its last episode.

This super sad scene:

Heavily, Min Joon said: "I’d like to not have to ever see you again."

"Why does it sound like you’re lying to me?"

Min Joon froze the time and kissed the crying Song Yi on the frozen lake.
It's the infamous frozen kiss!

And this super super super sad scene that literally dampened my towel because one box of Kleenex is not enough:

It was Min Joon's last day on earth; and Song Yi wanted to say farewell to him.

Min Joon started to sob, and me too. You know, my readers. Me too. Worse than him. Worse than them.

He begins his last goodbye: “Cheon Song Yi, whom I love. It’s cold, so don’t go around wearing things that are exposed. You’re prettier when you’re covered up. As I said last time, kiss scenes or back hug scenes are no good. So are passionate melodramas. Don’t be sick, and don’t read negative internet comments. Don’t sing alone pitifully and cry, either. Don’t eat alone, and don’t just walk into any room when you’re drunk."

I don't know, when Min Joon said those things to her, it felt like he was saying that to me as well. It felt like Min Joon is going to leave me as well. This is how I was too deeply immersed in this drama that I literally also felt that I was Song Yi.

I was sucked in to this drama. This drama was my life when I was in it. 

So I also cried when Min Joon said that to Song Yi, and unconsciously felt that he was saying that to me. I know, the older I am, the more sentimental I become.

And I don't know whether it is a bad thing or not.

I probably looked like this when I watched this scene, or most likely, I looked worse. Hahaha.

Min Joon continued: “Don’t look up at the sky at night and wonder uselessly which star it is. It’s not a place you can see from here. But I’m going to look every day, seeing where you are from there, and I’ll try every day to come back. No matter what it takes, I’ll find a way to be with you for a long, long time. I will.”

“But if… if I can’t come back… then forget it all.”

Then Song Yi took a breath and choked, and said “How could I forget?”

And when she turned his back to see Min Joon, he has disappeared.

Even the heartless people would still cry on this scene, probably they would wonder "what is this salty rain falling from my eyes? What is this?"

Trust me, I had teary eyes upon reminiscing this scene. *take tissue sob*

And many more other sad scenes that you'd have no choice but to drink extra fluid when you watch this.

Besides, how can you stay uncry when you see these super sad feelings all spilled out by our alien prince?

No! Don't cry! Nakanaide!

Cheon Song Yi! You cannot help yourself but to love her! I love her! I love her quirkiness, her styles, her hair, her body, her tears and how respectful she is.

I just love her entire personality. She is beautiful inside and outside.

She is my role model!

I can relate to her so much and the way she fell super deep to alien and had hard time to forget him; but never want to show it to anyone else.

Cheon Song Yi's brother! Who is this hottie nerd!? I fell instantly! Hahahaha.

Lastly, Do Min Joon! Who doesn't have a nosebleed when Do Min Joon's showering scene came out? *getting nosebleed upon imagining it*

I mean, who doesn't love him?

Being so cool.

Being so cute.

Is really good in back hug (I love it).

Gives really good bed hug.

Playful man comes out from his cool vibe.

Yet is really good in kissing.

And things girls appreciate so much:

I used to hate seeing transparent bathroom but recently I have been dreaming in owning a transparent bathroom! I would probably feel so good taking a shower inside *//////*

The feeling of solidity in shower which I love so much,

and the feeling of 'life in a fishbowl'...

*sprays fresh pink blood from ma nostrils*

I know I have weird fetish in loving shower time this extreme..

*trying to look for tissue*

Helpp! I am dying! Blood donor please q!

No la I am just joking.

No, I am not joking.

Lots of love ♥

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