Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Nine / nine ★ (Food diary #2)

Today is 9/9 which is my favourite date... for no reason?

I like typing number 9 since forever. If you have known me for so long, you'll know.

So, what is the story for today?

Let's make ordinary days becoming slightly extra-ordinary!

1. I still continue the (Act) clean eating~!

You think I've stopped right?

Ha! I got you! I haven't! *proud*

Images are taken randomly and I can't really remember which meal is for which day.

Bought favourite fruit juices, because I can!

I said to my parents: "I act healthy! See I bought fruit juices!"

Parents remark: "But you buy two ma! Act healthy your head!"

Okayy, my bad this time.

Hahahaha taken this pics while laughing!

Because ah, I wanted to make a post about (Act) clean eating again so I purposedly put very few fried chicken breast and lots of stinky broccoli.

Then after took the "healthy" lunch pic so I removed lots of the broccoli and added in more more fried chicken breast.

Then I laughed and I took another pic.

And tadah~ My "healthy" lunch!

Felt bad about my "healthy" lunch cheating, so I boiled potato, carrot and chicken breast with garlic, leek (and onion I think, I can't remember).

Really no taste, but I tahan it. Felt so guilty for the last lunch cheating.

Then for dinner, since I couldn't tahan for my glutton to spark real bad--I ate two plates.

Omg, really, now looking at this pic makes me want to cry!

When I cooked the boiled potato-carrot-chicken breast, mum cooked meesua-porridge. So I had it for my dinner, and I was pretty sure that I was super hungry so I cut some boiled vegetables, added in peanut sauce and tadah--my second dinner!

I felt desperate for the two-plates look so I went to refrigerator and opened myself a cooling drink; to cool my head hahahaha.

And today's dinner! The yesterday's meesua.

Surely re-cooked and added more meesua. Plus the porky satay you can see.

I am amazed at how tasteless it is that I didn't even want a second plate.

Wait, I don't mean that usually I have second plate, but, hahahaha nevermind.

2. My hair growsss!

Left: May 2015. Right: September 2015.

I can say this time it grows pretty fast. I had my haircut at almost shoulder length, and it has grown much longer now. Happy~!

And omg, do I grow a double chin now!?!?!?!?

3. I start to jog in the evening!

Okay someone said this girl's running looked really weird!

But it was me! ;__;

And I said "it wasn't me! It was a girl I met during running!" 

And I didn't want to bring anything for running today so it's before running pic!

Omg look at that belly, looks so yummy (?)!

The reason why I start to run in the evening: the view is really rewarding!

I love sunsets so much!

Lots of love ♥

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