Friday, September 25, 2015

Masks are life-saver.


I found these super colourful and cute masks while I was shopping.

I decided to grab two for myself because it was just too cheap and super colourful! My kind of stuff!

Now that I think about it more I should have grabbed the third mask--bunny mask! Unlike these two blue bearcat mask and orange cat mask, the bunny mask is entirely white. Which my parents don't like.

So I didn't grab it =/

The purpose I bought these masks despite of my place has zero effect of haze is that these masks are very useful if you are about to sleep in public place.

I have shitty talent to widely open my mouth when sleeping in public place so I super need these kind of things~ =X if anyone happen to capture my pics and spread it online, I'd have no face to show anymore!

P.S. Monday 28/09.
I forgot to bring it by the day I went to Jakarta last Friday.
Let's just pray that no weird girl sleeping in public pictures are spread in internet.

Lots of love ♥


  1. what a lovely mask!

  2. the mask's label is in Korean. it says JuJuMaske LOL! and its cute too! I shall buy one for myself for I don't know how i looked like in public when I sleep but after reading your post, I think I should get one. thanks for this ^_^v

    1. Haha~! Wah you are so pro! =D My sis also can read Korean very easily~ so awed with both of you *v* hahaha. Yeah I am very concerned with my sleeping face (which is unfortunately, I am conscious enough that I am nowhere cute when sleeping haha) XD find a cute mask okay~!


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