Saturday, September 12, 2015

FullMetal Fever.

- I am dying of this disease called FullMetal Fever.

Okay so I have just recently finished an anime masterpiece called FullMetal Alchemist. And I mean both series: FullMetal Alchemist (2003) and FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009).

My classmate introduced me FMA comic in 2005 or 2006, I think so. But the comic was very slow, I remembered at that time I stuck at volume something, so I stopped.

And my uni friend also just gave me the whole series earlier this year so I just finished it recently, because I was very very free and I don't waste money outside, I so guai stay at home all time okay?

I don't regret it that I finished this masterpiece six years after its releasing, because it is super super super superrrrr terrific!

FullMetal Alchemist and FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood are the best anime ever made.

And I mean it.

Question: Why FMA?

Consistencies of the character designs throughout 100+ episodes, unique storyline, tragic plot, amazing fighting scenes, good moral story, intense and dark anime (which I think is better suited for adults to watch).

Remembering each scene of it gives me intense goosebumps! It is just shining treasures in anime era!

This is FullMetal Alchemist (2003)

And this is FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)

Question: So these are the two seasons of FMA?

Nope; these two are parallel anime. Both has no connection because its plot started at the same time and condition. But in the middle plot it splitted the stories to the completely different endings.

So, watch only one of them is completely okay, but watch both of them to understand the differences wouldn't hurt as well. Though you really need to wipe your memory to watch the other series because you would have a hard time adjusting yourself between series.

That's what happened to me.

My friend told me to watch FMA: Brotherhood only, because he said it was much better. But I insisted that I will watch both; so I watched FMA first, then continued to FMA: Brotherhood.

Both are awesome, both started with same stories, but the endings are really really different. Nothing similar at all.

I won't put the complete synopsis here as you can find it anywhere on Google, but I'll point some highlights down.
So, FMA (and FMA: Brotherhood) is about two young prodigy boys who were very skilled in Alchemist. They only lived with their mother because their father left them for unknown cause (will be revealed in anime later). But their mother passed away when they was still little, and they decided to use alchemist to revive their mother although it was against the alchemist law. Human transmutation is very forbidden.

As they were lonely, they decided to find a teacher to strengthen their alchemy skill to (secretly) revive their mother. But they failed and they created a monster instead. And since they broke the taboo; punishment was taken for them. Edward lost his leg and Alphonse lost his entire body. Edward couldn't afford losing Alphonse so he sacrificed his right arm to bond Alphonse's soul to an armor nearby.

And so with their broken bodies, they began the journey to look for Philosopher's Stone--which they believed can return their original bodies back without having to pay for the punishment.
I watched FMA and finished it in a few weeks (I couldn't sit whole day watching anime because my parents will crazy mad at me), and the ending was depressing.

You can say FMA's ending is somewhat like a cliffhanger, because the main characters-Edward and Alphonse--were still having troubles of trapped in parallel world.

They haven't returned to their original world. They haven't returned home. So, I could say that the ending was like anti-climax. Though they have successfully achieved their goals to return Alphonse's body back, they were still trapped.

I am not saying that FMA is not a good anime by the way. It's a masterpiece! Oh my you don't say! This is why I put so much faith in anime world because I don't think any TV series would beat its awesomeness.

I will always believe that with anime, everything awesome is possible.

But after watching FMA: Brotherhood and able to finish it within few days (parents finally allowed me to stay in front of TV longer than usual lol), the cliffhanger feeling I felt during FMA was completely gone.

FMA: Brotherhood is finished perfectly. Moreover, it has happy ending which will drive anyone's tears out.

Question: which one to watch first, which one do you prefer, which one is better?

My answer will be: FMA: Brotherhood! (Now I can trust my friend because after watching both of them, I really think that FMA: Brotherhood is much more amazing than FMA. Note: both are amazing though.)

Both have their plus and minus, and I'll list some important things down:

#1. I'll first compare the ending between FMA and FMA: Brotherhood:
* FMA has depressing, and cliffhanger-feeling like ending.
* FMA: Brotherhood is finished perfectly, and it has a really happy ending.

Score for now:
(0) FMA vs FMA: Brotherhood (1)
//it made me cry and had FullMetal fever for few days.

#2. And now for the arts and overall anime quality:
* FMA which was made in 2003 has seriously amazing arts, the consistency is amazing (remember, it was made in 2003) and the jokes are placed perfectly.
* FMA: Brotherhood has improved arts and still maintains consistency, which I really am amazed of. But the jokes are sometimes out of place (like, too many insert jokes for me, for this kind of dark anime).

Score for now:
(1) FMA vs FMA: Brotherhood (1)
//For dark anime, darker atmosphere is needed.

#3. For the story pace:
* FMA has an awesome story pace from beginning to end. But its story is diverted from the original manga.
* FMA: Brotherhood has a pretty fast story pace in the beginning (probably because it was the same with FMA?) but it grows better after it started to split story with FMA. Also, it sticks to the original manga.

Score for now:
(2) FMA vs FMA: Brotherhood (2)
//Both are awesome, I shall grant both a score.

#4. For the characters:
* FMA characters are awesome, and the fact that they decided to make Van Hohenheim as the bad guy really broke my heart.
* FMA: Brotherhood characters are terrific. Especially the characters that didn't exist in FMA. I can't love them enough: Kimblee? Greed/Ling? *nosebleed sprays*

Score for now:
(2) FMA vs FMA: Brotherhood (3)
//Kimblee and Greed/Ling stole my heart! And oh my god Edward grew to be such a fine and hot man.

#5. Both series have different 'Homunculus' concept:
* FMA's Homunculus: created from the failed human transmutations done by alchemists.
* FMA: Brotherhood's Homunculus: created from the 'Father's' unwanted emotions because he wanted to surpass humans and gods.

Score for now:
(2) FMA vs FMA: Brotherhood (4)
//because it has better connection and reasoning to the story.

#6. Both series' main focus:
* FMA focused on Edward and Alphonse's journey to get their original bodies back, and they did get it, but they were still trapped in parallel world as for the last episode (plus the movie: Conqueror of Shamballa).
* FMA: Brotherhood explained that when Edward and Alphonse were on their journey to get their original bodies back, they found bigger problems--which is that their country was under threat of disappearance. As the last episode, both problems were solved, and it ended happily.

Score for now:
(2) FMA vs FMA: Brotherhood (5) 
//less depressing, and much more interesting and bigger story.

#7. Theme songs:
* FMA theme songs are amazing. I love them all.
* FMA: Brotherhood theme songs are amazing. I love them all. (How is it possible?!)

Score for now:
(3) FMA vs FMA: Brotherhood (6)
//grant each a score just because all of them are awesome. FMA definitely is superior against all other animes in theme songs!

Final score (for now):

(3) FMA vs FMA: Brotherhood (6)

FMA: Brotherhood leads with significant difference. Scores might be given subjectively but the difference between both anime is really vivid.

Standing applause for both anime series and Hiromu Arakawa-san please guys!! Thank you for the animation team for creating such amazing anime which completed my life. *lebai*

And for your information, FMA: Brotherhood sits on the FIRST RANK of anime poll on,, and ~!!!!

I am not even joking; I wanted to write FMA's rank here for your reference, but four sites listed FMA: Brotherhood as FIRST RANK!

I feel like I am proud of my son, I am so happy!


P.S. Rank may varies on other website but I choose to look upon few biggest anime database websites. And oh my, it warms my heart *////*

The thing about FMA is that the main characters (Edward and Alphonse) were not always the strongest. They were mostly broken and desperately needed help; but that's what I wanted in an anime.

I don't want the strongest main character, nor the most handsome, nor the kindest. I want them to grow up throughout the story.

FMA and FMA: Brotherhood give me all of it. And Edward grew up to be a fine and hot man (2) in FMA: Brotherhood oh my goodness.

And now, talking about the main cause of my FullMetal Fever not going down, those are these guys in FMA: Brotherhood:

#1 Witnessing Edward grew up to be a fine and hot man (3).

Who knows such a short and short-tempered boy in the first episode of FMA: Brotherhood can grow up to be such a fine and hot man? (6, yes I literally said this sentence six times on this post).

Such a badass, fine and hot man, Edward is. (7)

*faint* //faint over an anime character lol yeah that's so me.

#2 Olivier Mira Armstrong.

She is the reason why I like FMA: Brotherhood so much!

A badass woman with super beautiful look! I get tired of angelic characters that lately my favourite characters are all very badass! *O*

If I were a man, I would totally date her!

#3 The Greed/Ling complex.

This is Ling Yao

This is Homunculus Greed the Avarice

This is Greed inside Ling Yao (Greed/Ling). And he is so mad hot!

The skillful Ling Yao and the badass and strong Greed are fused together = hot man.

If you are a long time reader of me, you know my weakness is badass hot man who is kind deep inside. So he is there to fulfill my lust. *kena slap*

#4 Kimblee the Crimson Alchemist.

Last but definitely not least.

Seriously, I don't know any reason for me to like this completely bad guy. But he is fine (I basically love seeing guys in suit and he got to have something that interests him so much).

But my crush on Kimblee started after I saw this FMA: Brotherhood third opening.

And Kimblee was introduced there.

So I had hard time finding tissue to stop my nosebleed upon this frame:

That hot man with rape (?) face!

I went YouTube to replay this opening like 999 times to see this hot man with rape (?) face.

Oh my goodness! Happy die me! Kimblee~~~~♥

Skip to 0:26 to see the hot man with rape (?) face. *nosebleed*

Despite of so many FMA: Brotherhood fans who hate this song; I cannot help it but this song is my favourite!

Why such bad guy can be so hot? Wait, why badass guys are always hot? Hahahahaha okay another weird fetish of mine.

And I think I need to take a few more days to catch FullMetal Fever, because sadly I don't really want to cure it now.

FullMetal Alchemist is my life now; and in next few days. I am very happy only by remembering it. Also, changed my laptop wallpaper to the fine and hot man Edward (8, gosh I cannot stop this is the eighth!).

And now, that I have completed my journey with FMA, what am I gonna do with my life? I feel empty that now I no longer need to sabotage the sofa for me and my snacks to watch FMA.

I am in need of a brand-new anime, and universe showered me with tons of title!

As I browsed some of the charts I found during my research in FMA anime rank, I found several titles which are mentioned pretty much a few times for topping the holy top anime list:
* FMA: Brotherhood
* Cowboy Bebop
* Fate Stay Night
* Steins;Gate
* Code Geass
* Hunter x Hunter
* Death Note

I have completed FMA: Brotherhood, Code Geass, Hunter x Hunter and Death Note.

And I got a good feedback from a good friend that Fate Stay Night is a really really good anime. I am thinking to give it a try.

Even he recommended me to try Fate Stay Night's Visual Novel but it is X rated so I think twice about it, but I was told that it was really good so X rated visual novel would be really okay because the story is worth it? :/

And Steins;Gate... To be honest I have never heard of this anime before. I guess, probably I'll give it a try after Fate Stay Night.

Ah, and was told Cowboy Bebop is nice. Shall try them all.

I am literally changing every display that I own with Edward Elric now, I sleep well with Edward fighting scenes inside my head every night~ *kena kick*

You may want to look forward my next post to avoid overly crazy me on this post. I am still having the incurable FullMetal Fever, though.

Lots of love ♥


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  2. FMA is definitely one of my all time favorite anime. The story, the characters, the songs, the message, it was amazing indeed. Anyway, if you love FMA, you should watch Arslan Senki next. It's made by the same author and same animation studio =)

    1. YES! OMG OMG Yeah FMA is a masterpiece :") Arslan Senki? Should be awesome! Thank you for the recommendation!


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