Friday, September 18, 2015

Dentist story.

So I have spent like three visits in a week plus to dentist.

The reason is: I got problem with my upper incisors that it has been a few, erm, years that I have a super sensitive upper incisors.

Kind of foods that my teeth couldn't accept: cold ones, hot ones, too sour ones, too salty ones, too sweet ones, and the list goes on.

Basically I almost couldn't eat anything extreme--and this really disturbs me. :(

I also noticed that I had few dark spots on my upper incisors which were quite disturbing. So dad told me a dentist of his friend that I could visit for a check up.

10/09/2015 was my first visit.

The dentist is a pretty old uncle (surely older than dad?) and after I had my consultation and he checked my teeth for a few secs, he was like: "wah so many cavities here!" and jabbed my upper incisors.


So this is the kind of pain everyone talks about when they have cavities? Really this is my first time having cavities (and why should it be on my upper incisors) so it really shocked me.

He then asked me to lie down on that you know scary dentist chair and he grabbed something like drill at once.

I was like: "oi, you are not gonna do it now right?"

He ssshh-ed me and turned on the dental drill.

I sat there and was prepared to faint.

He drilled the black spots on this teeth really carefully. But, when he went a bit deeper with his dental drill--okay surely he just hit my nerve!


He was like: "sssshh don't move! Tahan!"

I wanted to cry but but but but ;____;

Drilled a bit more here and there, I closed my eyes so I had no idea what he did with what things. I prefer not to know anything as the source of my pain.

All I know is: drill, put on a paste-like patch, harden it with like some nice-sound tools like infrared or something, and done!

My first experience of patching the cavity, he did a large one. I was like: "Okay, I can manage this! Yay! Finally!".

But he said: "come again next time, there are still three cavities!"

Whaaaaat? Again!?

Then made appointment for the second visit and since I wanted to finish this asap so I selected the day five days after that day.

15/09/2015 was my second visit.

And the second visit was like the worst. He drilled and patched like the biggest and the worst cavity. I was like: "eurgh" and "argh" blurry because I tried so hard not to faint there.

At that time I keep telling myself: okay so this pain is surely much worse than giving birth. I prefer give birth to 9 humans than to have dentist drill my--

*dentist hit my nerves with the drill very hardly*

Asdfghjklzxcvbnmwertyuiop--I lost my train of though! I went home almost fainting and fell asleep like after took a shower. Argh!

What kind of karma is this!?

18/09/2015 was my third visit, and my last--yay! And I almost missed it, thanks to phone reminder that rang like 30 mins before the appointment--and I was wearing my running shoes preparing to go evening-jogging. Ahhhh!

Then for the third visit; I asked the dentist whether he could fix two cavities at once. He said can, and really lucky these last two cavities were pretty small compared the previous hell-like cavity.

So, I ended my journey to dentist in a week... Finally~!

He then did last check to my entire mouth and told me: "Your teeth set quality is not too good, so make sure you do check-up more often and brush teeth more often." Okay okay okay sure sure I don't think I will come to dentist often.

And his last word: "See you in 6 months! =D"

I let out bitter laugh >.<

Spent IDR 900,000 for four patching and broke me was very broke.

But I no longer have those weird dark spots in my teeth--which I am really happy~! Yay!

Eyerr pic so I made it smaller than usual ahahahaha.

Really, the worst type of pain is toothache. Brush your teeth and floss daily, guys!

Lots of love ♥


  1. i also have dark spot like you, even my teeth shape all assymetry... thanks for your sharing, so i need to go to dentist asap TT-TT

    1. Yes, you should! =O Before it is too painful and too expensive to fix.

  2. I havent gone to the dentist for so long.
    after reading this, I don't think I'm ever gonna go. LOL!!

    1. Hahahaha! You got to go~ Omg! Before it gets worse >.<


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