Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Beach trip.

The big family reunion dinner on Saturday planned that we should all go to the Southern Beach on Sunday.

So we did!

We all went to Southern Beach on Sunday (27/09), only few hours after I reached home from my Soro trip.

Unfortunately, the weather was not as nice as how I visited it back two years ago (wanna see the post?).

It was hot, too crowded, and the clouds was so low, therefore it felt hotter than usual.

But the wind was super nice! =D

And I now went there with my relatives which made it more fun.. I guess?

I was still very exhausted upon the two-days no sleep the day before, so I wasn't too excited. I had fun, sure, but I long for my bed more. XD

First trip was Indra/yanti beach. Saw my post on the visit here before, this beach surely had undergone huge atmosphere change. I mean, look at those crowds.

I hate crowds.

And it was surprisingly rocky. Low tide that day.

The elderlies! They happened to wear the same T-Shirt (we planned it, fyi) and made just cool poses for people on their age! =D

Took family photo minus cousin gor and the cute Sally ducky me happened to fix my hair in the middle as he took the pic.

Oi~!! Like that also can!?

Second stop: Sa..dranan beach? Not sure, but this was relatively quieter than Indra/yanti. Still rocky, but the wind was super good! =)

Ah, and here they offered the local snorkeling service! The males were excited (except dad) so they rented the thing for IDR 50K per head for as long as you want.

Super nice not!?

I wasn't interested in snorkeling at this time. Though if I happen to get the chance to snorkel any day except that day, I would immediately snorkel.


I am still exhausted, you know. And dad just gave me the nastiest idea ever.

He was the only male didn't join the snorkeling thing because he thought that the goggles rented to people may spread mouth disease. I don't dare to say it, but that instantly turned me off.

Next time I have plan to beach and to snorkel, I should buy my own goggles! =D Waiting for my first snorkeling chance in the future!

Happily posed!

And I took pic wit parents instead~! =D Happy girl is happy!

Do you think I look tired? Because I was struggling to stay awake whole day.

Changed my mind. This beach was also crowded! It was Sunday anyway.

Moved to the third and last beach: Baron. Man, the most over-packed beach I ever visited.

Ugh, cannot tahan the crowds! Didn't stay for long here then I left.

Can compare the weather this day and my previous visit? The sky was surely different! It was cloudy and hot on this day!

And I took my time looking at souvenirs! Like these are pretty!

And cheap! Also you can bargain!? Can ask for more? (Freebies maybe haha)

Vivid colour accessories are so nice!

And these little things are so cute. Like, very unique. Hopefully they use empty shells to make all of these. Because poor little things if they killed them to make this.

Anyway it felt great to be able to enjoy short and near holiday with so many people. Sure, there would be a lot of different opinions and even clashing ideas, but that didn't stop us to have fun together. My mood was not that high as well but this trip cheered me a lot! =D

Thank you everyone for the fun time together!

Lots of love ♥

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