Saturday, September 5, 2015

(Act) clean eating~♥ (Food diary #1)

(Act) clean eating and awesome anime! (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood yo~~)

Fed up with oil and fatty foods, I then decided to go all veggies today.

I think I am proud of myself that apart of the fact that I don't like eating spicy food, I am in a good term with veggies.

You only need to boil or steam the following veggies:
* carrotsu //boil
* kangkung (I don't know how other language says this) //boil
* potato //boil or //steam, I steamed it
* broccoli //boil
* cucumber //raw
* beansprouts //boil
* tofu //steam
* egg (optional) //boil

And the peanut sauce. I only water the peanut sauce block, didn't make it from scratch.

Peanut sauce is the best thing in this world ;__; watashi peanut sauce totemo daisuki!

And I mean it!
To be honest here, it is not that clean eating.

I still put carbs (potatoey~ lots of it!) and peanut sauce is nowhere healthy! Don't you agree with me?

But at least I ate zero oil today; and I will try to maintain this lifestyle for a few days.

Challenge accepted!

 Lots of love ♥


  1. at least you made them yourselves!
    I once (or twice) this healthy food and almost cry trying to finish all the veggies!
    I love veggies, don't get me wrong but eating that healthy meal is not my fav thing to do T.T
    I stop ordering after my third.
    I'll just stay fat. thank you.

    1. Hahahahaha!! It doesn't matter! I also won't be able to eat veggies everyday! I love my fatty fries and burger! XD
      *pat pat pat*

  2. oh! is the peanut sauce almost like the Satay sauce? your food looks yummy btw!
    I also don't what kangkong is in English. is it spinach? (Popeye the Sailor man LOL)

    1. Yep yep this is the satay sauce!
      Hahahah I don't know. Not sure, but I think spinach is another veggie in my knowledge: =O


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