Thursday, September 3, 2015

A thousand words.

#1 "Es rujak" show off!

#2 Jakartan sunset!

#3 I drew Cherry!

#4 Campaign to support our current governor at MKG.

#5 Really recommended restaurant at MKG! Chuan Tin Lomie at MKG 1! Super yummy!

#6 Extremely orange mango! Yummy to the max!

#7 One super sunny afternoon at Kelapa Gading boulevard!

#8 And caught the view of these really cheap Hello Kitty bags ;__; I didn't buy it.

#9 Drew these lovely rabbits (and failed to save it /cry/) more HERE.

#10 Jakartan morning sky! So pretty~

#11 Farewell ice cream to Binus! As I have finished everything here.

#12 Mad traffic jam. They say you grow old on roads if you live in Jakarta. #sotrue

#13 Yummy yummy dinner~ Crazy expensive! *faints*

#14 Favourite beef floss roll-bunss~! Very recommended! AJ Bakery in Kelapa Gading. Buy for everyone!

#15 Expensive cashewnut. Notice the sad looking Garfield :/ and it tastes okay!

#16 Sunset behind and dark sky ahead.

I went to Jakarta for a good two weeks for three company entrance tests. I failed and I passed. I had mixed feelings but no regret; as I am currently very excited to draw more haha.

Though my mother has been really noisy because I haven't gotten a 40 hours per week job. I don't know how to tell her that suppressing me like that is really depressing; she doesn't understand how stressful it is for me not to work while all of my friends are already working.

I want to try everything, from entrepreneurship to something very daring. I mean, this will only be my chance to be able to try everything while I am still very young.

But I personally feel that she wants me to work a 40 hours per week job. ASAP. And that's depressing me. And I don't talk much to her nowadays since it gets on my nerves lately.

I know how she feels and I know she cares about me. I want to make her happy as well. But things are going on my side as well and I am trying to settle my heart on this.

To tell you the truth, I have been very messy on August. So many things happened, I cried a few times for being such an idiot and I didn't know what to do.

It is the first time I really want to go back Jogja as soon as possible because staying in Jakarta for too long feels really exhausting.

Both myself and my wallet are exhausted!

I want my ownself time, exploring what I want to do, and maximising my free time to draw.

I feel that I can only be so happy when I draw; because my father always tells me: people who can draw (and any form or arts) are so lucky. They are able to express themselves and their feelings concretely.

I treasure that really well, so I want to do what he advises me to!

I am home now; so~ expect more blog posts since I have lots of blog posts to publish!

P.S. Which picture is your favourite?

Lots of love ♥


  1. My fav picture is the Ice Cream!! Now i'm craving for one :P
    I understand yor situation with your mom. All i can give you is be patient and draw like crazy! Hehe good times will come.

    1. Hahaha! Where is your nearest A&W? XD Yummy~~!
      I know that is what I can only do. Explore what I really like and putar brain to make cashhhh ^u^


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