Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Vivin♥ arigato~!


I won Vivin's Kawaii Giveaway last month!


Btw I seldom join blog giveaways, but it seems that I often win--my luck is really good in blogging and related things teehee!

I have known Vivin personally as blogger friend for a few years (?) it seems. Pretty sure I found her blog on my first few months in blogging!

Ah, and btw she is really friendly! (*^_^*)

Thank you for keeping the present until I returned home earlier this month; for the fast shipping, anddd let's stay friends~!

I happened to draw something for you:

Sorry it is not too much ;__; I'll give you kawaii clothes next time!

Support her blog guys!

Lots of love ♥


  1. the gifts are kawaiii indeed! congratulation on winning!
    I joined many giveaways on IG but no luck yet :(
    Please send me some of your luck, thanks xD

    1. Ahahahaha sure sure~~ Sharing my luck to you! Hopefully you win big next time =D

  2. OMG THIS SOOOOO CUTEEEE!! May I use this for my ava? ;3

    1. Ahahahaha sure~ I'll draw you clothes next time for sure alright! >.<


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