Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Quality time five♥

Spent my week in Jakarta with family during my graduation ceremony.

It will be super rare for us to go together like this now since me (in the future) and sis are now living separately. So I treasure my family time so much!

Family is the place you can lean on with trust because they will never betray you.

Went play at Orchid Garden!

And proceeded to AEON Mall~! This mall is asdfghjkl cuteeee~!

Who knows sunrise can be this prettyyyy~?!

My graduation day.

Spent $4 for freaking stuff~!

And act pretty girlssss!

Many things went unwell on me in past few days, so I kinda lost myself.

Lots of love ♥


  1. I see an EXO pin there! naega woof!
    you were right, spending time with your love ones is super important! spend it wise. :D

    1. LOLLL~~ Sooooo happy you notice the 88Wolf! XD I have gotten this EXO virus on me now. My sis said that 99% girls love EXO, and the 1% is me lmaoooo hahahahaha.

      Yep! That is so true ^^


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