Wednesday, August 12, 2015

(Act) pretty girls~♥

Went out with ma girls (sisters/cousins) today because it has been ages since we hung out.

In fact, we barely hang out at all! OMG!

We took tons of pics in mall #noshame and ate moderate meals.

Left to right: #94line #90line #92line

It is really fun going with you girls; since we are close in ages. I don't have any same age sisters or cousins so I barely know how does it feel to go out with sisters.

So y'all the only girls I can lean on with trust!

Let's have another hangout in the future!

Lots of love ♥


  1. are like me. no female cousins of the same age. only the boy cousins.
    but i doesn't matter, we make use of what we already have and make the most of it. hehe

    1. Yeahhh. I don't even have any same age or younger boy cousin. The one closest to me is like 6 years older than me ahaha xD

      So true! I'll remember that =")


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