Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Trust me, I have this question replayed on my mind all the time.

Though I am pretty happy to shift my old domain: to this new domain:, there are many things bugging me still.

Firstly, I know I downgrade my brand.

I know that owning a .com is the best thing you can have as a domain, and of course, your brand online. But I threw that away, and getting a new .me domain instead.

.com has been a spontaneous thing people nowadays can come up with once it relates with websites, and I know that throwing that away means downgrading my profile and brand online.

For your information, I have bought this domain on last year December and I have only decided to make it online on July this year.

After lots of thoughts and went back and forth of activating this domain or not, I then finally decided to redirect my old domain here.

My main reason is that I want to have separate persona online.


I made a new alter ego of mine here, still be able to freely express things that I want without having to worry about people in real life that know me well judging me. Judging both myself and my persona here.

But another reason is pretty personal that it scares me whether should I write it down or not.

I no longer want people who knows me in real life be able to find me here.

Sure, I have some of my classmates who read my blog regularly (and I like it, and I hope they are able to find this blog!) but I don't want people I am gonna meet in the future be able to see this.

You can say that I no longer want to promote my blog anywhere else.

Hmm, actually I still let people who know me in real life to read this blog in the future.

Okay this gets so confusing.

So my main point is that I don't want my professional life in the future relates to this blog in any sort of connection. I will make this blog completely personal with no professional life being mentioned at all.

And thus, is published online.

Still, it gets me so confusing every now and then. And I really need reassurance that me publishing is the right way. Therefore, some posts like this in the future might appear. (And bear with it, please).

Lots of love ♥

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