Sunday, July 19, 2015

Venus and Jupiter!

Hi readers! I am so excited right now!

Do you know the "Century stars" I mentioned on two posts ago?

I was unable to sleep at one night so I googled about it--so I made a mistake upon calling it Century stars.

Those aren't stars--those are our beloved Venus and Jupiter!

Apparently, since end of 2014; Venus and Jupiter are aligned to a really visible sight from Earth. I read lots of articles:
Bright Jupiter from dusk until early-to-mid evening. Jupiter and Venus are spectacularly close in late June and early July, and they stay close as they fall nearer and nearer the sunset throughout July, 2015.

Jupiter shines more brilliantly than any star. It’s the second-brightest planet after Venus. In late June and early July, Venus and Jupiter staged their closest conjunction until August 27, 2016, but will again present a second – though less close – conjunction in the evening sky on July 31 – the same date as this year’s Blue Moon.

Venus and Jupiter shine fairly close together on the sky’s dome all through July 2015, and both Venus and Jupiter will transition over into the morning sky in August 2015. 
So those stars that has been moving everyday; and can only be seen on dusk until early evening--those are Venus and Jupiter!

Awesome isn't it?

And these planets last appearance will be on October 26 2015.
After that, these two brilliant worlds will display their third and final conjunction of the year in the morning sky on October 26, 2015.

By a wonderful coincidence, on this same date – October 26, 2015 – Venus will reach its greatest eastern (morning) elongation from the sun, and the year’s closest grouping of three planets – Venus, Mars and Jupiter – will also take place on October 26. The next planetary trio won’t occur again until January, 2021! 
Source: here.

Can't my birthday this year be any more special?

Okays! So here is my 2015 birthday wish:

I am going to see Venus - Mars - Jupiter planetary trio appearance on October 26 dawn this year! 

Staying awake at dawn is easy; I just hope mother nature will clear the sky on October 26 dawn and let me witness one of the most beautiful view I am going to see in my life!

I can wait till January 2021 but by then I must have been busy with works (and my new family probably) so I want to see it by this year!

Okay! Okayyyy?!

I guess this is the first time I am being selfish since this is the first time I want to do something exactly on my birthday lah!

Soooo~ anyone want to join me to see the beauty of universe on October 26 dawn this year?

Lots of love ♥


  1. wah, really can see dao ah? didn't know this...

    1. Article says can ma.. But just prove it? XD I want to see it, but most likely I will forget about this ;(

  2. Ah! I saw them too when I was walking down the street several weeks ago. :D
    What a nice opportunity to see such things! XD

  3. now that you mentioned it, I have to watch it!!
    thanks for this brilliant info!
    I don't know why but (there's a high chance that it was because of Sailormoon) I've such interest with planet Jupiter. (hahaha)

    1. YES YES you have to watch it if you can!
      Ahahahaha hello sailormoon fan! *hi5* and Sailor Jupiter is really pretty :"D
      I had hard time to choose who will be my favourite; so far it was Sailor Mars but Sailor Saturn is really cool as well ="D


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