Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Super Junior - Evanesce.


I don't know if you guys would agree with me or not.. But the older Super Junior is, the better they are.

They look just so matured here (compared with their "Happiness" video). To be honest, I super like the way they are now!

Like, OMG.

My girl intuition tickles me so badly, what people call it: fan girls. Hahahaha.

Evanesce is one of their song that catches me the most; I mean, it has successfully become one of my favourite song from them.

Not only from them, from KPop.

It has beats, but not intense. But still, awesome.

I don't even know what should I say here, I am not a music commentator, I am just normal audience enjoying this song.

This song equals to awesomeness!

And I really recommend this to everyone: KPoppers and non.

Trivia: this song was uploaded to Youtube one day after my birthday last year! *wink* so it is kinda special for me!

Lots of love ♥

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