Tuesday, July 7, 2015


School holiday season is here!

Beach, tourist spot, swimming pool, shopping centre, lodging restaurants.

Barbecue, seafood, coconut, jelly, steak.

If I were on a quiz that asked me to mention ten words related to summer, those would most likely be what I would say!

July is here! 

How awesomely fast it is that 2015 is halfway gone. I lost track of what I did on the last 6 months since I blogged really really less--my blogging frequency dropped drastically.

But I pledge to blog more in the future!

So anyway what recently happened in my world in case you are curious (buay paiseh act famous haha):

Exercise class!

I joined an intense aerobic cardio class last week. I have been skipping days (I only go to the class like 2 - 3 times a week) because I keep forgetting the fact that I have joined this class, omg so lame -__-"

I sweat really well and I hope to really burn like few pounds before I make an appointment to take my Bsc pic hahahaha /sobs/

I cooked fettuccine bolognaise!

The tomato sauce is not home made of course what and I used stick nuggets as the substitute of beef hahaha. Not a fan of beef (>.<")

Tasted quite okay but still not the best. I will improve the ingredients in near future as I still keep lots of raw fettucine which can't wait to be boiled and cooked!

What a happy bunch of fettuccine sticks (^ ^;)

Midsummer afternoon's weather is crazy extreme! 

It is crazy hot at noon (32°C - 35°C) and chill at midnight (18°C - 20°C). 

Though it is not extremely cool, but still the temperature difference is extreme. Like you only need to wear your bra and panties at noon and you need your full leggings and sweater at midnight.

But despite of the crazy extreme weather, the view is awesome!

At noon, you will see a really vivid blue sky daily (with fluffy clouds sometimes) and at midnight, you will see a painting of starry jet black sky. I even get to see my favourite "Kite Stars" and the "Century Star".

Wanna know what are these? Okay I am so generous.

"Kite Stars" is a kite shaped star you can see in the south direction. I can always tell wind direction at night thanks to these stars. You can try to look for these stars in the south direction, the kite shape is a bit tilted to the left (our left).

Try to get to the dark places such as mountains or hills; then you may find these stars. I never see these stars in Jakarta tbh so I am pretty sure if you live in downtown you won't be able to see it.

"Century Star" is a veeeeery bright star appeared on the west right after the sunset. It is very distinct because it is just soooo bright!

Also it still keeps a mystery.

"Century Star" is always accompanied by one smaller star on its 4 o'clock direction. But the hugest mystery is that this smaller star always changes place.

Is that even possible? I mean, even the "Kite Stars" I have known for like 15 years never change place at all.

One evening, I saw "Century Star" with its star friend in a relatively close distance; and another evening, I saw "Century Star" with its star friend in a further distance than the day before.

It keeps going closer and further from "Century Star".

Chotto matte, it is moving????

A really big mystery!

I am really excited woohoo!

These stars are the stars I have known in my entire life (probably since I was 7 years old) and I am not sure whether those names are their real names. (^ ^*)

Really~ Really~ Awesome!

Totemo~ Totemo~ Subarashii!

To be able to see vivid blue sky and starry jet black sky is one main reason why I love summer days so much!

Apart of having long long holidays and beaches haha /wink/

Lots of love ♥


  1. Brunei and Indonesia has pretty similar weather. For the past few weeks, we've been having such hot steamy weather during the day and a very cool night. right now though, weather been very windy with lots of heavy rain. We seem to be getting the jits from the typhoon from the Philippines :s
    and about that Century Star, I've only take interest in it recently. I also notice the distance between the smallest star too! *shocked* your post just show no matter where we live, we all share the same sky ^_^ you have no idea how excited I was when you started on the stars hahaha its like, we have something in common!!! Hahah ok i'll stop now..

    1. Yes! I understand that since we live close by. Oh my! Heavy rain is really a relief from the humid hot noon; but only if it is chilling! Sometimes when it's heavily raining at afternoon, the atmosphere becomes extremely humid and hot! Urgh! =(
      Hopefully the typhoon gets away soon! >.<
      And oh my do you see it too!?!? Yeah it's awesome right! Omg I'm so glad to find someone who have lots in common! And no, don't stop next time! =P


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