Monday, July 13, 2015

KTV girls!

Since me and sis are now living separately and we seldom meet each other (probably once or twice a year, duh) so we insist that every time we spend holidays together we gotta go KTV.

We are big fans of KTV because, because we love to sing songs that we don't understand (read: KPop) and we have so much fun with that!

Though it is a bit not understandable why do we enjoy singing KPop songs which I don't even understand a single word, but it is fun.

I completely understand why KPop is so booming now, because it is so fun!

Set aside those hate comments of "plastic faces" and "extremely fair and skinny" (is this a hate comment?)--I really enjoy KPop.

Not to the infatuated level, but I can mention many names and I am proud of that!

So, I will list few KPop bands and the member who interests me the most:

FT Island: Choi Minhwan
Beast: Song Dongwoon
CNBLUE: (it is very hard seriously, but I'll write) Lee Jonghyun (for now haha)
DBSK(5): Xiah Junsu
Super Junior: Kyuhyun
SHINee: Minho
Big Bang: Seungri
2PM: Taecyeon
2AM: Jinwoon
EXO: Suho

Not going to list female bands because I am not too interested, but I do have favourites:
Secret: Song Jieun

Anyway, some songs that we sang at KTV:

Super Junior - Evanesce
EXO - Overdose
EXO - El Dorado
SHINee - Sherlock
Taeyang - Eyes, Nose, Lips
Kiroro - Ao no Jumon

and many more actually! I have forgotten most of it since I went KTV almost a month ago.

Video memento of me singing Ao no Jumon, and I sucked:


Ahahahaha #noshame

Then after three hours of screaming and rapping, we then went back home.

And we got free an hour singing voucher; but we never used it because we were scared of losing our voices if we kept on going. *slap*

Do you guys love singing in KTV?

KTV outfit--haha.

Lots of love ♥

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