Thursday, July 30, 2015

★Graduation day★

I have officially upgraded myself to a new level!

Just unlocked a new badge called: BSc of Computer Information Systems and I feel so happy!

See the act slim pic actually makes me feel uneasy -__-" but anyway it was my big day so I told everyone who was about to take my pic to snap at least 5 times so I can choose the slimmest pic.

No shame =X

Anyway, it is like the biggest achievement I got in my life.

As Binus tradition, we all would go through the inauguration at Jakarta Convention Centre, Senayan. So I had mine there as well.

I went through the rehearsal a day before (July 29) and I was super happy to see all my friends again! Most of them were slimming down (and here I am gaining shit) and we exchanged lots of news.

Family joined the rehearsal and watched me upstairs. Even sis took a snapchat of me wearing purple shirt and the person beside me who happened to wore purple too on that day and captioned "purple couple from behind♥".

What a copycat!

So I laughed so hard during rehearsal and the Binus staff looked at me. Slightly.

Rehearsal was short and easy, so I didn't think much of it. I was just enjoying myself being around Binusians so much!

The next day; since I got the first shift for the ceremony, I got to prepare myself since 3:30AM and took an extremely cold shower (I hated it) and had sis helped me in make-up.

I told her I don't want extremely painted face but she insisted of painting my face soooo happily so I ended up wearing lashes.

I almost cried. I don't like lashes ;___;

Then parents and me went to JCC for the ceremony and we left sis at home because we only got two invitations (which turned out to be a bit useless since I could see that the audience seats weren't too guarded?) and I had my graduation ceremony there on July 30.

Though I couldn't get the Summa CumLaude banner, I felt really happy I graduated within 3.5 years and it was a lifetime experience for me!

I am way too far for Summa because Summa requires GPA 3.91 and above and I graduated with GPA 3.82 so I will be a Magna CumLaude (if I never got any C =X orh) but it doesn't matter alright!

We are all graduating!

I was very nervous when it was my turn to walked up to the stage to have my inauguration that I almost made a mistake up there; but the Head of Information System was kind-looking there and I couldn't help it and I smiled so widely I am scared that he will be scared. >.<

And soooo~ lucky I never fall down although I was on my heels. Yay! Probably heels love me now?

Also, I said 'thank you' so many times just because I was really grateful for everything else. I had great feeling!

Parents were very patient waiting for me taking pictures with my friends (only a few of them actually, because it was mad crowded here and I felt like fainting--I hate crowds) and they bought me Hello Kitty bouquet!

Happiest day in my life!

Like I wasn't expecting any presents at all but they looked for the bouquet while I was busy, so, that was so cute!

;__; I am so touched!

Kamsia! Iloveyou!

And btw, I don't like flowers. I am very happy my parents understand that really well so they didn't spend a single cent for dying flowers being tied in ribbons.

Pictures of me with my close classmates! I am glad we are all together here!

And with my classmates (almost half of it, couldn't find the others ;__;) and we looked so happy!

With my almost forever neighbour~! Iloveyou!

And lastly with my forever best friends, supporters and people I love the most! My parents! Thank you for everything!

Now Konayachi is officially holding the title BSc CIS!

Actually nothing much difference, tbh. Just feel like showing it off hehehe!

Ah, also extra plush sis 'bought' for me! =D

Watashi dolls and plushies totemo totemo daisuki~

Written on August 10, 2015.

Lots of love ♥


  1. Wahhh congratulation 🎓🎉🎉
    I never had a graudation with 🎓 before so..seeing others wearing me makes me excited too!!
    And i tot the Hello Kitty was from your ❤️
    But when you said it was from your parents i thought 'awwwwww so sweet!' Its so much better than flower; this one you can REALLY keep it forever.
    Now i know what to give my sister on her graduation in two years time. Hehehe
    Anddddd you look so pretty xD

    1. Hahaha thank you AzNur~!
      Yepp~ It was from my parents ^__^ and yeah that's the idea! I can keep it forever! And ahahaha thank you~! I'm shy ^////^

  2. Aaaaa! Congratulations for your graduation, Konayachi! :D

  3. Congrats for your graduation!!!!
    Berikutnya mau ngapain nih? Kerja? S2? Nikah?

    Apapun yg terjadi, keep blogging ya hehehe

    1. Thank you koko!
      Kerja >> still applying
      S2 >> not sure what to apply for master degree
      Nikah >> ahaha it is still far ;__;

      Sure sure! Thank you!


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