Saturday, July 25, 2015

Chicken kwayteow ♪


Cooked home-made chicken kwayteow few days ago.

I wanted to make the chicken a bit red by soaking it on herbs for few hours but father likes the chicken being pale in colour.

Looks more 'expensive' if it is that way. Hahaha really?

I don't usually care about food presentation as long as it tastes good. But I almost never cook for anyone else except me so I was like that.

Then I was told to have extra effort for food presentation because I will be cooking for people in the future (read: future family lah aiyo paiseh say this kind of thing) so they will take pic of my own-cooked meals and probably post it on social media enjoy it.

Okay, the result looks like it is super dry so I added a flick of oily home-made seasoning and mix it. But the bowl looked so horrible after mix-maxed it to appropriate wetness so I didn't take pic of it.

If you like foods with strong taste, this won't suit you since it tastes super light; but it is good for suppressing appetite--especially since it barely had no taste so you won't be tempted to add second plate lah.

Yay =D

P.S. Hp is currently inactive (spoiled and no internet) so I am currently disconnected to everyone. I'll return all of your messages once I have settled it!

Lots of love ♥


  1. huhu, i like chicken kuay teow~ XD

  2. hahaha @ people's reason why we should do proper meal presentation..LOL
    at least you made an effort to cook..good enough,what? hahah
    i duno if i mentioned this anywhere but your spagetti post from last year (i think) inspired me to make my own spagetti too. xD
    and now, i have the urge to make my own kwayteow goreng ayam..hahaha
    pls don call me copycat..see it as you're inspirational to me xD
    I'm too lazy to post anything else this week..hmm

    1. Yeah hahaha LOL XD
      No lah don't worry! I am happy that you are inspired to my (somewhat rubbish) posts--and I want to see your cooking posts heehee~~ ;D ahaha and kwayteow goreng ayam sounds reallyyyy good :D
      Np np I also seldom post lately XD so don't worry ahaha. But still waiting for your posts!


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