Saturday, July 4, 2015



I have just made a big change to my blog. I have permanently changed my blog URL from to .

I currently have trouble in redirecting to as the domain hosting SPanel is currently down and I can't access it; therefore I can't code the script.

However, I will immediately set the redirecting script once it is back up.

There are several reasons why I decided to permanently changed my blog URL. But mostly it is because of my personal life.

I am entering work life, especially in IT field--I believe it is a piece of delicious cake for my employer to find my blog--my main existence on internet lol.

Just a little bit google and my blog is number one on google search result.

I don't mind that.

However, I have decided to separate between my personal life and my professional life. I believe this is a wise decision since I don't want both of it related in any sort of ways.

Besides, I am thinking to erase my "Hanmiaojuan" existence in internet. I want it to remain in my real life; and I will continue to share my thoughts and ideas as my alter ego: "Konayachi".

So, for now, I will separate "Hanmiaojuan" and "Konayachi" into two different people. Hanmiaojuan is myself in working and family life, while "Konayachi" is myself in reel life here, in cyberworld.

So, if you can see this post on your feed, well I'm so glad. I didn't change my blog any single bit, I only changed its name and URL. So any posts before this posts were made under Hanmiaojuan blog.

However, I believe that I have gotten thousands of backlinks to my blog (reviews, tutorials and such) and I don't want to disappoint them. So I am thinking to set a redirect script on my old URL ( to this new blog URL. I think to approximately set the redirect script for a year, then I will lock the old URL into vacuum state.

Ah, by the way I created a brand new blog as my art-dumps. You can access it on my site map woohoo *wink*

I will reply and return all of the visits and loves once I have successfully set the redirect script. Meanwhile, tell me what do you think of me starting blogging with a freshly made name!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Do you play Line Play?
    Coz I talked chatted (a little) with someone with your user name.
    if yes! I am your Line Play friend!!
    The new one looks great and cuteness overload. I dont quite understand all the tech thing you mentioned but..i understand the part where you want to separate your internet life from your personal life. All the best in everything, yeah? ^_^

  2. Yeeeees! Hahaha LP is so adorable :"D
    Yup it is hard to explain, but thank you for that! Really thank you for all of the support~!


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