Friday, June 19, 2015


I have been going through tremendous life-change this period. Even writing one single blog post scares me.

It feels like everyone just reading my bare mind.

It feels like every single word I key in is going to be used against me.

I just wonder do anyone who has been blogging for years experience this? This horrifying-scary feeling you encounter that makes you 'almost' go crazy.

As most of you know, the recent trend is that most of people that I know at least own one social media. I admit, I have those things as well though I ceased my activity on most of them.

I have 'almost' completely ceased going active on Facebook since it no longer interests me and none in my family is using it. Getting to know what your 'friends' are up to is fun, but it is also depressing. So I stopped logging in. It has been few months.

Ah, but I still see my Twitter timeline as it is my second source of news feed apart of Google Newsstand. It is fun, but not addicting.

And there is blogging.

You cannot really say blogging as social media since it's more like an 'almost' one-way portal for people to share their thoughts and ideas to their readers, and receive many comments.

My concern now is, I start to think to cease my activity here in blogging.

Well, at least, decreasing it to a whole-new degree.

I mean, I have never thought to stop blogging. But recently, the idea came to me.

So let me share you my experience of people abusing my blog posts.

As all of you know, though I key in most of my daily life and thoughts here; I have never really revealed sensitive matters. Like, I do write how I think and how I feel, but I filter most of it. I omit so many things and I have to cover up some stories for third party's safety.

I used to be blunt about it, but not now. I realised that it is important to take care of ourselves in internet. It's a wide, fast, unknown world. Full of danger.

But there is this real experience.

One of my reader kept abusing me with everything that I wrote. He took every word that I keyed in literally--and for some reasons, attacking me with that. I have been depressed and sick of this abusive person but I decided to stay quiet.

Well, don't worry. It doesn't matter anymore.

Though I think it has passed and I have felt much better to end it. It was a horrifying experience.

But still, it scares me to type in many things here. I mean, I am afraid that every word that I type here will be used against me. I would have no protection.

I am not as blunt as those straightforward people. I am introverted, I think thoroughly of every thing that I type. I take time to respond to everything, and I am vulnerable. I never know it is this hard to jump in to the world and being social.

But then, I don't like growling inside solitude. I enjoy companions and nice chats.

Lots of love ♥


  1. I have never experience this. Since you know, not many people read my blog.
    But just do what you had to do and had fun blogging.
    Blogging is supposed to be fun and a tat bit personal at times (coz it is your blog)
    Dont worry about those abuser. They had nothing to better to do.
    At least bloggers had a real life outside the internet world to actually have something to blog about.
    Once again, be you. Dont worry about that abuser.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I decided to make some big changes to blogging, and I hope to keep having fun! ^^
      I won't care about them anymore! Thank you AzNur! hugs

  2. well, most important is to stay healthy while blogging~ =)

    1. Couldn't say it any better. Thank you!

  3. Exactly, should really be careful of what we're sharing in the social media. Since, people can be soo mean >.> Be strong konayachi.. I love reading your posts and thoughts..

    1. Thank you Vivin-chan~! I will write more and be happy ^__^

  4. Not so long ago, I found your blog looking for a solution for many problems I had installing Oracle in W7 x64, after that I started to read your post and really enjoyed them. ( ^^)

    Don't feel bad just because someone is teasing you, something I've learned throughout the years (not that I'm old or something) is that many people just "want to see the world burning".

    My advice, don't stop doing something you like just because someone doesn't like it. If you want to continue blogging, then go ahead (the same goes if you really want to stop doing it). Just do it because, is YOUR decision not someone else's.

    Cheer up, you're awesome. :D

    1. Hey! Thank you for reading my journal logs~ And enjoying it! ^^ I will remember your advice. I have decided to continue blogging as it makes me happy, and I made lots of change in blogging in the future; just to make a new refreshment. Thank you, and stay happy! ^^


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