Thursday, June 4, 2015


It has been almost one month since I log any blog posts.

I mean, I have never hiatused this long. Though I'm not apologetic even this single bit *making ant-squashing gesture* (do I sound like a badass now?) but trust me, I do feel bad to my loyal readers who keep returning to me and my blog on entire May.

So I am now thinking to do one huge post rather than few tiny posts. I don't go online much nowadays.

But I socialise well!

Though I realised that I become this seldom to reply people's messages. I've been abandoning my phone, to the point that I have forgotten that I once addicted to it.

If you're keeping in touch to me, you do a good job maintaining friendship to me because I'm interested enough to exchange words to you. I'm basically returning to my cave and limiting my social activities now.

Not literally though. I went to all sort of places last month, and I was beyond exhausted!

#1 I had my biggest haircut!

I know I had haircut earlier this year, but as time goes by (and it's not an easy-maintain haircut) I felt annoyed and I told mother I wanted another haircut.

So she brought me to her friends' salon and I spent 5 hours there getting my hair done. Wai~!

Look at how damn disgusting my hair became! I decided to chop almost half of its length because I'm an easy going person when it comes to appearance.

And I cut way above that dashed line!

Bad quality phone camera struck. But I am really fond of this hair length. Yay! Dai-success!

*flip hair*

#2 Long weekend with twin!

I went to sis place on the long weekend this month to spend holiday and I wanted a quality time. It was extremely hot on her place and I went crazy.

Lucky--I have had my dai-success haircut so the heat wasn't as torturing!

Shameless pic on a super hot day! But my dai-success haircut was a total win!

*throw fists on air*

We went to all sort of places. Shopping centre, malls, food festivals. Watched movie (Avengers: Age of Ultron) and ate so many good Surabayan foodies.

Sayonara, okane!

Pics were at Pakuwon East Coast. Food festival there wasn't seasonally--it stays there all year long! (Erm, I think?) and some tasted awesome!

Probably it was the extreme weather, or the extreme exhaustiveness. I fell sick. Bad one.


I slept on sis' place during my visit there. At night when she was playing games on her phone, I have already lied down on the mattress and I rolled myself like a swiss-rollcake. I felt something hard punching my upper-part stomach and it was almost unbearable.

Didn't know what caused it, I ignored it for around two days till I couldn't and I was brought to nearby clinic to describe what I felt.

-__- I was forced to buy a Magasida syrup for my gastric for 50K.

Ewww! What a waste!

I was still dazed at how could I have something punched my upper-part stomach real hard like that. I almost couldn't drive at all!

Okay it is my first time of having gastric pain. And I hate it!

What kind of gastric pain is this?! How come this is a common sickness?!

And within few days, the pain was gone. Yay!

And the Magasida syrup was only around 8% consumed. Who gonna consume gastric syrup often anyway? Ayyy.

Ended the long weekend holiday then went back home. I was still unhealthy and all until I needed to go to Jakarta for some business!

#3 Jakarta culinary trip!

I was excited and somewhat a bit stressed about it, but I went to Jakarta anyway. Made some business calls and it was somewhat settled within few hours.

Guess I was still super exhausted from all of those long driving from sis' place, house, and Jakarta. I fell sick again.

*insert ugliest meh face*

This time it was flu. About as bad as how I had it on the week before my thesis defence. And it somewhat ruined my week in Jakarta hahaha. The weather was extreme as well, and pollution. And the traffic jam.

It took me about 2 weeks to almost completely diminish the flu.

Since I ended my contract, I stayed on my relative's place in Jakarta. Uncle C was so fun and kind that we went for fancy dinner every night! Hahaha.

Eh, not really. There was time I was too sick to go out so mother cooked soup for us and yum yum yum!

My first bibimbap! Swee! (@ Lotteria Harapan Indah)

Played gachapon at Yoshinoya Harapan Indah and I got Minnie Mouse! Disappointed! Ugh. (I wanted Chip alright!)

Dimsum is always faved! Love love love their dimsums~ Awesome!

Bought strawberry cakes at Homemade and purposely took this quick pic bcs it was Fatty Ranger Nyanya's birthday few days ago! So I gave virtual strawberry cake for virtual birthday present.

And this time I haven't settled for his present and I don't know what to give. ARGH!

Okay I plan to buy a character set (I know, a rather useless present) but I once saw a glimpse of his room and saw Alien figure. So I am thinking to give Alien a friend.

I wanted to do the trick: "I got you birthday present! Guess what?" and let him guess and buy him one of it but I didn't like this idea.

I am thinking to buy something simple probably. Not sure! Can I telepathy a bit? >.<


Then since I had no further business we then went back home. It was the end of this never-ending journeys this month. I finally had a rest!

#4 Meal that makes everyone happy!

And I pampered myself with Happy Meal~ Meal that makes everyone happy!

Yay~ I am so happy~!  

Guitarist Kitty! I hope she will become a rock star!

#5 My horror dose!

Also, I pampered myself with a good horror movie show:

Been liking Insidious since its first release. Although at some point I forgot its weird title but then I remembered it again. This third chapter is one of the best horror movie I have watched! 

Super recommended!

There are lots of scary moments and I think I stopped my heartbeat a few times. Ahahaha. *awkward laughters*

I'm hell scared so I really liked that feeling! I felt like I burnt extra calories thanks to watching Insidious Chap 3. 

Yay! Happy me is happy! 

I feel bad as I promised Fatty Ranger Nyanya to watch each Insidious together, but it seems impossible now. :(

And its sequels are much better than Conjuring movie. Therefore I like Insidious movies more!

And that's it! My super long and exhausting month. I really really look forward to amazing June!

P.S. Comments will be replied a bit later. But thank you for still writing me some!

Lots of love ♥


    Its good that you stayed away from social media (sort of) and had fun in real life ;) hehe and those Food!! Yumm-mehh
    I havent had mcDonalds for a bery long time now..i shud go tomorrow.
    I was supposed to watch Insidious last night with my colleagues but the show got cancelled (becoz of technical difficulties) and we were given free movie passes instead. The colleagues are watching the Insidious tonight and i couldnt join and i am not watching that movie alone so, i 'll jist use the free pass to watch SanAndreas instead tomorrow..hahhah
    Hope you are getting much better from all your sickness soon! Rest welll..drink lots of plain water..and dance. (Eh? Hahah)

    1. Hehehehehe~~ I miss you! xoxo
      Yeah~~ It feels great to be away from social media. I wasn't fed up with all of my friends who show off about their life lol /slap
      Ahahaha~ I agree! I wouldn't want to watch movie alone. It's unthinkable. Especially horrors. It's fun to see people around me scared of the movies and I have fun laughing at them! (Yeah I am that evil friend muahahaa)

      So is SanAndreas nice?

      Hahahah~~ Sure~~ I will dance a lot! I have been watching lots of UKISS MVs and I am excited~! ^^

    2. SanAndreas was awesome!!!!

    3. Really?? I should look it up!! ^^

  2. wow this is a really long post hehe. You look better with that haircut! c:


    1. Hahah~ Thank you for spending time reading it! And, thank you again~~! ^^


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