Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bff sundate.


Went out for jalan-jalan with bff for 8 years and counting on Sunday!

Though one thing I regretted is that we didn't talk much at that time. I was feeling tired for unknown reasons and things were awkward since we hadn't meet for 1+ year.

But I am so happy that we went out! We got to know how each other is doing and mostly, I miss talking to my girls. I miss those times where we were still in high school and we talked about handsome guys from the opposite school: an all-boys high school.

It was so long ago, alright.

The fact that how time flies, it saddened me.

I wonder whether in 10 years, we will still be meeting up and eat pizza? ^^

Lots of love ♥


  1. nice photos!

  2. Aww..but at least you guys made time to meet and eat together. That counts!

  3. yeah! i now that feeling of hanging with your bffs after a very long time! that's like the best feeling ever :D

    1. That is true! Best feeling also warm to the fact that we have been together for so long ^^


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