Friday, May 8, 2015

Life updates #6


I guess it is a weird time for me to blog (1PM) since I usually blog at night. But I have the sudden urge and I guess I'll spill some of my brain's overloading contents here.

I am having great time of my own! I watch tons of shows, dramas, movies and animes. I exercise everyday and I eat very well. I really enjoy life like there is no tomorrow.

I, erm, I assume this as my lastest holiday before I work for life. Ugh the thought is unpleasant. But life goes on! And I'm already on that age to start plan about my future. But for now, I want to relax by myself and not worrying about anything else. At least for this month!

Being able to discover my true self and love it is awesome. It feels like self-achievement and something to brag about. But again, improving and learning myself will never end, and I strive to do my best to spend my days in this earth as human.

Who knows next time I will be born as something else--alien, robot, or anything. So, might as well enjoying my human days!

Also, I have noone and nowhere to brag about it. And I don't know what to brag either. I have reached some parts of self maturity for myself as I discovered many things lately. I feel awesome upon knowing that, but when it comes to bragging, I lose my words. I don't know what to say.

I can't just randomly say: "You know what, I just know that life goes on."

"Everything happens for a good reason."

"The center of my life is inside me."

I don't find that nice, it is weird instead. So I prefer blog about it; add some random words and stories, here and there, and voila--one blog post is well-made!

It's one of those reasons that I'm most active in my journal blog--not anywhere else. I was trying to follow everyone around me up by making another few social media but I get bored of having to see what everyone else is up to.

Probably this is the introvert side of me.

So anyway it doesn't matter; I am still socializing very well and I am very happy!


I have been doing so many things and I'll blog some about it.

Notice that this blog has grown much more personal than usual; I don't mind, but the thought of having so many hits of my purposely-public made posts makes me a little bit uneasy for writing more and more personal thoughts.

I went to a wedding dinner last Sunday so I asked my mother to doll me up. For some reasons, I found myself weird.

Look at that seducing-eyes Changmin made on the upper left top, and don't look at me lmao.

I don't suit hot-pink colour at all don't you think?

Also I think I somewhat aged a few years? *internal alter ego cries*

Well, apart of my makeup, I wore a really comfortable one piece dress and high heels. I love my OOTD that night although I didn't take full picture (because I'm too fat haha) but when I slim down in some more months I'll definitely take OOTD.

For ownself satisfaction alright! Haha.

So, the wedding dinner was okay. The ones got married are parents' friend's daughter/son. And I was surprised so many times that so many people I haven't met in years were also there!

My high school friends, some of parents' friends who seemed to know me (and I didn't even remember who are they) and many more. The thought of it being one kind of big reunion is pleasantly nice!

And I walked around to see more people, but either I really seldom wearing high heels or I am a truly certified clumsy girl--I slipped.

Literally slipped like how you see people slipped of banana skin! But this time I hit my left knee on the floor and I had my right knee flying in the sky.

It has been more than years since I really really fell down like that.

I literally made that thud sound. A big thud hahahaha.

So I stood up with laughters and I kept laughing until the crowds no longer saw me. My mother was like: "Don't walk beside me I don't know you." why jiang bad de *cry*

So reached home le mother still laughed so hard of my slip incident which I couldn't understand why! I mean, didn't even feel sad of me meh? Hahaha but I had no choice to laugh it out as well as laughters are truly contagious!

Hahahahahaha! Laughing my ass off.

So I sent this pic to my sis:

Then she sent me tons of laughing and told me: "If you weren't so fat, the bruise wouldn't have been that big."

I didn't know whether I should have laughed or cried at that time. But I laughed instead. Silly me?

Poor knee had to sustain all of my fatty fats and buni buni tummy! *pat knee*

Anyway the bruise isn't that painful, it's just unglam. I mostly wear shorts so it is very noticeable. I plan to play basketball soon but I don't really like showing black marks on my legs. I feel like people would think I'm a victim of abuse.

Well, I do think too much aren't I?

Besides of the high heels incident, I actually had steamboat for dinner some days ago!

Watashi steamboat dai~~~~suki!

But I only took pic of the most nutritious drink ever. Gomen.

Really most nutritious leyzxc! The left drink can't you see? It's 菊花茶 ahahaha *slap self*

Okay la it's already 2PM here and I need to exercise while the Korean Drama is showing; thanks for keep returning here for updates and I shall return the love to you soon!

I can't really return the comments right away now but I promise I will return the visit once I'm back to my normal life! I don't do much internet lately, I'm calming myself teehee.

Big hugs!

Lots of love ♥


  1. I agree ..blogging in the day feels super odd haha!

    But hey, you don't look so bad with hot pink lipstick! You're probably just not used to it :D and omg, at least you didn't hurt yourself too bad from the fall! I've fallen down restaurant stairs (just by tripping on myself) in front of people I had just met -_- super awkward ...and then I couldn't walk properly for ages haha

    Anyway, maturity is good and it's something you'll appreciate more and more :P

    1. Haha! That weird feeling~
      Do you think so? That makes me feel better! Thank you! Hehe.

      Ahhhh that moment! I understand how awkward was it. Especially when getting up was the hardest and I ended up sprained my ankle for few weeks. Ahhh~ I am sure it is going to be a fun topic to share to close people right? *wink*

      I'll remember that! Thank you~ ^^

    coz once you start working, you gona wish You have a vacation every other week.
    And poor knee. Kekeke lets just wear flats!! Flats for the win!!! XD

    1. Hahaha~ I shall remember that! Thank you~!

      Yeahhhh! Flats win! =D

  3. Oh gosh I miss reading your posts! It's been awhile! HEELS HATE ME TOO :( As much as I wanted to wear them, they're just not for me :( Anyway I hope you'll visit my blog too for my new post! :)

    OOTDs while I was away:

    Keep on smiling! Shahara xx

    1. Haha! No matter how pretty heels are, they still hate me for some reasons :"

      Thank you~~! I miss you too! Keep posting~! xo


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