Sunday, April 5, 2015

Trilingual cover songs♪♬

That evening I was printing my revised thesis when suddenly the urge to upload something to Soundcloud appeared.

The reason I decide to blog about this:
  1. It rarely happens.
  2. I feel I have the need to document my sucky-suck voice.
  3. Despite of point two, I love singing.
  4. I feel bad abandoning this blog for some times.
I sang three songs in three languages: Japanese, Korean and Chinese. I am no expert in those three so bear with the weird accent and anything. If you wonder if I understand these songs: yeah, I do. At least the parts which I sang.

Sidenote: Readers, I beg you. Please use your earphones when you listen to my covers; I don't want to be suddenly famous *vomit*

#Cover song three: Silent Love ~Open my Heart~

#Cover song four: Mask

#Cover song five: Can't Hear

FYI; my pop-song scores are averagely ranged from 80-90. I scored my best on rap and hiphop songs, #nobrag but I scored 98 for BORN HATER hahahaha.

Lots of love ♥


  1. have a cute voice.
    anddd applauding you for your bravery in posting your singing voice online keke
    I could never do it.
    i mostly record myself pretending like I could actually sing LOL

    1. Ahahahaha that's actually okay! It's just me who is an embarrassment, never realised how horrible my voice is and I still record it anyway.
      Worse, I sent it to people at night hahahaha XD


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