Friday, April 10, 2015

Life updates #5

Halo readers! It has been, different. For me.

I used to have classes with everyone else, and in between my busy time I have always enjoyed to steal a little bit time to blog.

Now when I have much more free time to do my personal things; I lost interest in everything else. Blogging is one of them. I lost interest in maintaining my blog as well as other things I used to love to do.

Haiz. The paradox of leisure time.

But letting out so many sighs won't help.. With the help of everyone else who keeps supporting me in their busy time, I have decided to enjoy this somewhat leisure time of myself as much as I can!

Anyway, I was pretty busy last few days taking care of this:

Finally partner and me finished our hardcover thesis (well, I should admit she worked much harder compared to me!) and we submitted it few days ago. Did other obligatory stuff as well and I'm so glad that everything went well; despite of we delayed our submission for one day.

Then, since I'm now here with so much leisure time compared to last year I then decided to get back in shape.


I really don't wanna promise anything anymore as now nobody is like believe me that I will be getting back in shape--so I decided to keep quiet of everything that I do now.

It is actually a bit hurting when nobody no longer believe in you:

Me: I will be slimmer this year! For real!
Everyone else: HAHAHAHA.
Me: Really lerhzxc!
Everyone else: HAHAHAHA.

So pissed off man!

So I wanna do it my own way and surprised them until they drop their jaws; and I wanna take picture of their expressions as well!


So, my getting back in shape journey begins! Well it actually began one week ago.

I didn't cut my meals, but I increased my exercise portions. I understand it's a long and hard way like this so I looked for cheat notes of dieting.

Confession: I actually googled for "Korean idol diet plan" few days ago and downloaded it and followed it for one day.

I almost vomited. Ugh.

Why why?

There is this one day menu which consists of: three boiled eggs and grapefruit for either breakfast, lunch or dinner and similar things for the next six days.

So I prepared three boiled eggs--well, I made soft boiled ones hoping it would make me more stuffed due to the runny yolky since I decided to cut carbs.

Then I went exercising; spent whole late afternoon sweating. I did normal cardio sets for 45 mins, and muscle pull for another 45 mins. I failed horribly in muscle pull, I lack of power and I have no muscle at all. My arms are skinny so it's hard for me to do weigh-lifting.

I failed for few days in a row. I did cardio so far so nothing as well (I was nowhere nearby exhausted. Should I run for two hours? That scares me though)

The result angered me as well--I lost 0cm on my horrible buni buni tummy and I lost 1cm on my skinny lower arms and legs. It's now become even more unbalanced.

I was so angry and sad. Hoping at least 1cm burnt away from buni buni stomach but it stayed there instead.

My fat really woov me! Teehee.

Then I went outside to look for grapefruit.. But it's like impossible to find it on hawker stalls.

So I bought takoyaki instead.

You didn't read that wrong.

I replaced grapefruit with takoyaki.

Didn't know what happened back then but my mind told me to do so.

I was like: YAY! Yummy takoyaki bites awaiting me~!

Then I went back home with hot yummy takoyaki only to find three sad soft-boiled eggs on my table.

Which remind me to the bloody Korean idol diet plan.

You bet--I have totally forgotten about my getting back in shape plan thanks to takoyaki stall.

I was like: WHAT THE--!

And sobbed internally while sitting on my bed and wiping my sweat away.

But I was in a good mood so I ate the whole eggs (yeah, three of them) and the takoyaki. Also I made a cup of hot green tea to replace the grapefruit.

Erm, to burn the stubborn fat a little bit haha.

I almost vomited.

I never ate so many eggs in one shot like that. Besides I have been avoiding yolks for ages.

I never know Korean idol diet plan is so extreme. Bunch shot of yolk and protein at once made me almost vomited on my bedroom lmao.

I know it's my fault to replace the grapefruits with takoyaki but still, it's so wrong.

Alright, no more argument--it's my fault! Hahahaha XD

And thus, I will find another Korean idol diet plan and follow it. Three soft-boiled eggs in one meal is really too much for me. Yuck.

Also I have started to watch Korean things again--Youtube, reality shows, some minutes of drama. I am surprised with myself that I have remembered so many Korean idol names for now. Really, really surprised even though I'm not as knowledgeable as sister or mama. They are far more knowledgeable in Korean idols than me. Haha!

Ah, tell you one thing.

Few weeks ago, I had a dream I was with Lee Gwang Soo.

I admit I have been watching his Youtube videos on last few days but I didn't know I would dream about him this clear!

Also I started to find him really charming, in some ways?

I didn't want to say it's a date because I will get haters; I know! I think it was just a fun holiday together. It was weirdly fun and awesome. He was so caring, funny and kind. He brought me to Ferris wheel to see the whole city of, I don't know.

There was a view of tall and sparkling buildings, and sea.

And cloudy night.

I could see that he was the type of guy who is honest and not romantic, albeit being himself. Something I find really strange, but also awesome. Personality which I believe many girls would love.

When I woke up I literally had this expression:

I laughed by myself in my bed because I think it is my first time dreaming about a Korean idol. I think this is the kind of girls' fantasy.

What am I talking about zzzz.

Okay so it was a nice dream haha!

I have been taking notes of my dreams lately--probably I shall blog about it more?

And here is compilations of sunsets that I took last few days. The weather is awesome lately; perfect for swimming! Unfortunately my body refused to swim these few days so I could only do weigh-lifting and watching so many happy people swim on the warm swimming pool :(

The most decent pictures I could take with Ginny. She's still as awesome as always.

Well, time to hide under blanket! Cleaning room everyday is surely tiring; and I still wonder why can't I finish cleaning it?

Lots of love ♥


  1. Gua udah mencoba diet dan olahraga berkali-kali tapi biasanya cuma bertahan beberapa minggu dan ujung-ujungnya gagal total hahaha

    Dan sekarang setelah baca blog lu, jadi kepikiran mau mencoba lagi...

  2. I wonder why i cant stop cleaning my room either. Lol
    and i fully support you into getting in shape. I currently doing it too shhh
    Just, hwaiting and lets surprise others, yeah? XD

    1. Yeah. And there is always something to clean right? zzz XD
      Hahahaha alright alright~~! This is gonna be so fun :D Fightingg!


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