Friday, April 10, 2015

Kyoko Rabbit★


Meet Kyoko Rabbit!

I tell you a secret: every time I draw something, my mind left my body to a sacred place called River of Ideas.

I love this place so much, it gives me awesome ideas to satisfy my drawing lust and it gives me happiness nobody can give me.

So I met Kyoko Rabbit today and she asked me whether I can draw her this time, so I did.

She is currently being casual today, but she usually wears a cute pink rabbit jumpsuit and she takes care of rabbits who live near by River of Ideas.

Ah, by the way the rabbit on the drawing is called Eevee (yeah, named after ultra cute Pokemon Eevee!) and he is really calm! I love him so much~!

Next time I meet her with her cute jumpsuit, I will draw her and show it to my readers!

Lots of love ♥


  1. *shocked*
    this look like my fav character for my story; red hair with purple eyes.
    *very very shocked*

    1. Wahhhh~~~~! You mean your own made story?
      SO COOL! *O*

      And what a nice coincidence :"D


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