Monday, April 13, 2015

Family reacts to Singaporean teen logic problem that went viral this week.

I was browsing news when I stumbled upon this secondary school logic problem:

Sidenote: I haven't found for the answer up to this second.

So I found this problem with "I can't believe it" attitude since it was given for teenager as I read the news. The problem is so intriguing, so fun, so mind-tickling, and so hard for me.

I was totally confused; and it continues up to this second.

I never get this kind of question before and I salute teenagers who solve this questions!

Actually, I gave it some random thoughts in my mind which is too messy to write and have two guesses:

Is it either July 16 or August 15?

Probably I'm completely wrong haha I have no idea.

So I shared this question to family chat group and here are the responses from mother and sis:

Me: *shared question photo*
Me: Any guess?
Mother: July 14?
Mother: Correct bo?
Mother: *eating sticker*
Me: Why ah?
Me: I don't know hahaha
Me: You eat whatttt
Mother: Random guess
Mother: *lol sticker*
Mother: US National Day?
Me: I thought July 4?
Mother: Ah sorry
Mother *sorry sticker*
Sister: Huh? Means what?
Sister: So Cheryl told Bernard or not?
Sister: Why A said B don't know? But C told B?
Mother: Don't know.
Me: No idea. So confusing. So C told A the month and B the date or how?
Sister: Oic hahahaha.
Sister: Still no idea :|
Me: Same la.
Me: This question is sec sch question lo
Sister: *randomly send sexy sticker*
Sister: Huh? Seriously?
Me: Ahhh so lucky I was born years earlier.
Me: I confirm fail school if the question is like this.
Me: I don't want to go to school anymore =(
Me: I gtg work at McD how?
Me: I don't like studying hard.
Me: I'm super lazy yet I wonder how can I get such high GPA?
Me: I must be super lucky ="
Sister: LOLOLOL.
Sister: Too funny!
Sister: Me too! I want work at McD!
Sister: I'm tired with this life!
Sister: I got talent in frying fries leh!
Me: Ya lo! Your fries is so damn good!
Sister: Of course! I am so pro in frying fries haha!
Sister: Unlike you so so so so chicken!
Me: Haha how you know!
Me: I fry fries ah
Me: I put oil on frying pan
Me: I put frozen fries on frying pan
Me: Then I put frying pan on stove
Me: Then I light the stove on
Me: Then I fry hahaha
Sister: OMG! 
Sister: Like that even McD won't hire you!
Me: Noooo *cry sticker*
Me: Oki cya at McD for tonight shift!
Sister: Cya!

To be honest, I am amazed to the teacher who made the problem. I am a sucker in math so I tried to solve this by analysing the question word by word though I don't know why it is so hard for me to digest.

In the end, I can't find ultimate conclusion. Probably tomorrow I'll try to see whether anyone has solve this question.

So I am so grateful that I was born few years earlier because if I was born few years later, I'll be doomed.

Like, McD needs to have extra patience to hire someone chicken like me? XD

Probably there are some McD outlets out there who let the waitresses wear cute uniforms. I might consider that as well haha!

And be prepared for my parents to kick me out from family tree (?).

Lots of love ♥


  1. I think there is a mcD somewhere in China or Taiwan or somewhere that made their female workers wear cute outfit! LOL
    And your convo with your sister; my sister would joke too but ended up lecturing me about life after that LOL.
    I saw that question too. And i was hoping you would share the answer here hahaha i guess we both have to wait for other bright student to give us the answer ^_^v

    1. Hahaha! I probably don't mind if I got to wear cute uniforms? XD
      Hahahaha your sister is so kind alright!
      Ah, actually I didn't look for the answer, probably I shall put an update once I find the answer ^^

  2. haha, i also say this, it is quite funny geh~

  3. It took me a couple of minutes to get the wrong answer, and then a lot more (ok, 30!) minutes to rethink it... but I've finally worked out the answer to the logic question. I'm not going to give it to you but I'll help you along the way :)

    Of course, initially, Albert has one piece of information that Bernard needs and vice versa. Neither can know the actual date.

    Or can they? Well, actually, yes, they could. E.g. if Cheryl's birthday was May 19 or June 18 then one of them would have been given the day (18 or 19) by Cheryl. That person would then have known for sure what the month was (18 => June or 19 => May).

    But since each gave away a critical piece of information (neither of them knew the date), we can eliminate those two birthdays (and so could they both).

    What are we left with?

    May 15 16
    Jun 17
    Jul 14 16
    Aug 14 15 17

    Now do you see how it might be possible for one of them (Bernard) to know exactly which date it is? And then, how it is possible for the other (Albert) to also know by a process of deduction once Bernard declares that he now knows the date? And how we also know which one had the day and which had the month?

    Great find btw!

    Keep up the good work; I'm always happy to come back here and see what you're up to from time to time!


    1. Hello! It's nice to see you back! That's one of the most detailed explanation given to me so far! I'll try my best to return back here with the answer to you. I'll give another reply to my answer; stay tuned! And thank you for keep returning here~ I really appreciate it! ^^


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