Thursday, April 23, 2015

43 Signs You’re Definitely Becoming A Real Adult.

Reblogged from Buzzfeed this one, and I decided to reflect this to myself which surprisingly is really really scary!

Scary at how it relates to me so much. I mean, I still 24/7 listen to anime songs and my shows are 90% anime and this thing relates to me so badly!

1. One of your main goals in life is to own a Dyson Ball vacuum.
I have been dreaming a life where I can vacuum my house everyday, so I gotta say I can relate!

2. And you can’t wait to get a blender/juicer.
I dream of buying many kitchen appliances! If you notice, I have put "Microwave" on my wishlist for a while already. *cry*

3. Infomercials have become increasingly more convincing.
Not really. I don't watch commercials.

4. Same with the thought of owning a spice rack.
I think it is really cool and thinking to make my own someday woot!

5. And a wine fridge.
I am not a wine drinker but would that be cool even as a decoration only?

6. You enjoy taking trips to Target and Bed Bath & Beyond.
I enjoy walking around retailer stores and supermarkets because--idk--it is fun(?); though there is no Target here.

7. You have a strong desire to make your own pizza.
Been dreaming for ages for it. Include crazy ideas.

8. You know the best place to get a salad.
I, somewhat know discounted awesome salad seller at least!

9. You realize your metabolism is not what it used to be.
Not sure but my buni buni tummy seems so inconsistent--it gets bloated the other day and it gets pretty firm and slim some days.

10. You’ve discussed this issue with your friends.
Yeah *wink* 

11. You’ve gotten upset over a recycling-related issue.
I basically keep so much "rubbish" that I think I could recycle.

12. And still get upset thinking about the Tupperware that your friend needs to return.
I don't hope for them to return it back to me; but I forever hold my grudge to them (and mourn over my beloved Tupperwares).

13. You have the perfect home planned out on Pinterest.
I don't do Pinterest, but I browse about home-planning some times.

14. And have strong opinions on pillows.
I am picky in my bedwares haha.

15. And tables.
I am not picky in this; but I would love to have good-looking ones.

16. You’d rather just stay home than go out.
Fifty fifty. Fifty yes fifty no.. I am not sure.

17. You know to avoid certain drinks/shots.
I try my best!

18. And you actually avoid them.
Though I don't encounter this experience much, but again, I try my best!

19. You try to drink a glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage.
See above answer.

20. Crowded places easily frustrate you.
I super hate crowds. I think I have phobia in crowds. Imagining it makes my heart beats faster literally.

21. Candles make you happy.
Why not? They are awesome!

22. So do new socks.
They are the bestest! I love socks I collect lots of it.

23. Plans are determined by whether or not you have to do laundry.
I LAUGH AT THIS POINT I literally have so many laundry plans in my hp's calendar and I make outing plans based of it. So--YEAH!

24. Or go to the post office.
I don't go to post office often, at least for now.

25. You no longer care what you look like when running quick errands.
I never care anyway. I look like rubbish (a lovely one, bo?).

26. You googled how to file your own taxes.
I did this a while ago.

27. And then filed your own taxes.
I am gonna do this some day.

28. At this point, looking at real estate and home decor might as well be a hobby.
I did this few times and I really like looking at home decor cheats; and I am looking forward to apply it in the future.

29. Wine is your best friend.

30. And Netflix is your most reliable buddy.
There is no Netflix here--so bad.

31. You no longer know every song on the radio.
I never know. Hahahaha.

32. Or every artist in the Top 40.
Again, I never know.

33. Most of the celebrities at the Kids’ Choice Awards are complete strangers to you.
They have always been strangers to me.

34. And you cannot believe people were born in the 2000s.
It still strikes me hard (that they are already studying in high schools this year).

35. Your Facebook timeline is filled with engagement announcements, wedding photos, or baby pictures.
Not really for now; but I heard some gossips that few of my childhood friends are currently pregnant.

36. You’ve had to look up internet slang.
I always do. *sigh*

37. And asked about good dentists in your area.
I did this last year, no more.

38. You’ve said the wrong number when someone has asked your age.
Not really; but I took few seconds to remember about my age. Like seriously, why I keep adding numbers to my age, TIME, SLOW DOWN PLEASE.

39. And had a brief moment when you seriously forgot how old you are.
Yeaaaah see above answer! *lie in sadness bed*

40. Sometimes you just NEED to sit down.
I guess I do.

41. You grunt when you sit down and get up.
Lol hahahaha nope but probably I do it unconsciously.

42. You have to stretch before doing any sort of physical activity.
Not really, stretching makes me giddy and headache. I don't know; or it is just me?

43. And you practically always need a good massage.
I used to hate massages. Now I LOVE IT. Some people really gives me good massages. Some not. I am a sucky masseuse.

Bonus: an image I googled about a character I currently am a big fan of!

*thunder sounds*

So, I have been knowing Fate since, erm, my early days of living in Jogja city (also the very first few moments I encountered internet, lol, I know I'm super late). I believe she was the candidate of SaiMoe Tournament 2008.

I saved her pictures and stared at it and thought how cool she is but I don't bother to watch her anime because I was busy and I had a sad teenager life that I couldn't afford to watch anime back then.

Last year, after I finished Ojamajo Doremi I then started to watch Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha which is super cute! But transiting from a magical girl anime to another magical girl anime wasn't appealing to me as I afraid the next magical girl anime will spoil the previous magical girl anime impression; so after watching two episodes of Nanoha I halted watching it and I started another anime.

I believe it was Black Butler. I can't remember much.

But few days ago while I was so depressed and bored I was hit with a fact that my long time idol Fate is one of the main character of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and I went berserk and I switched on my laptop and started watching from first episode again--up to last night when I have finished the second season.

I was in awe and I kept having imaginary nosebleeds because she is too cool!

And I have super nekat plan to buy Fate's nendoroid (maybe), figma and figure actions!! I wanna put her in my future display rack and brag her on blog probably hahahaha. Oh my my my. Consider it as my way of splurging--not in make up and fashions, but in toys.

Screw me right? Hahahaha.

Lots of love ♥


  1. Number 11! lel..
    My stuff is 50% rubbish

    1. Yeahs! And I don't throw my rubbish away ;( haha!

  2. this post, i can relate in soooo many ways. esp that list;
    - no.12, someone has not return back my fav Tupperware.
    - no.23, HAHAHAH yes, my social plan revolve around my laundry date. :P
    - no. 31 till 34 are dead on!
    - no. 38 and 39, *nangis*

    hahaha I shall google this kind of list and make a post out of it too. thank you for the inspiration! (as you can see, I am lazy on posting again xP)

    anddd OH MAI GOAT! I splurge on things that aren't make up too!! *hi5*

    1. Ahahaha me too that's why I'm awed with this list!
      Someone def need a kick for not returning your Tupperware =X
      Hahahaha so much true in laundry case. I always plan how I look outside XD
      Hahaha jangan nangis! XD
      Nope nope, you can take this list as well~ Don't mind it ^^ It's so fun anyway. I still have some lists to share, I'll let you know next time I post it.

      LOL. I barely have any make-up tools! But I start to have at least a lipstick and eyeliner pen; not the others =/ I prefer to buy toys and CDs XD


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