Thursday, March 12, 2015

Six years and counting!

My blog turned six on March 09!

You are now a little girl who runs around, dear *pat blog head*

To celebrate her sixth birthday, I decided to do a make over for her.

I changed her colour-theme to this year's colour trend: Marsala.

Well, though it's not really Marsala-ish (I find that too intense, not soft enough for blog). I gave some powdery touches and I think it appears nice!

Though I still put kawaii Mell as my header as I currently have no creativity kick to create a new header teehee.

So, grow well, dear blog!

I promise I will give you a nice birday present!

Lots of love


  1. Awww..happy birthday to you Marsala-ish blog *throws confetti*

    1. Ahahahaha! Blog is very happy! Blog says thank you! ^^


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