Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How to make a rainbow that doesn't disappear.

You weave them in your heart.


It has been one month since I blogged! A really long and amazing rest for me after a year of work.

I fully realised that future is not going to be easy, but I believe it's going to be equally--or even much more amazing than how it has been doing.

I cannot express my feeling well to my forever lovers and supporters; my fams! They are amazing people I am blessed with.

Trust me, I stand with all of you until my very last breath!

So I have been doing great in enjoying my holiday (and gaining weight, yeah ftw!) and I have hit my limit of holiday. So, I am back here and start to find things I can do to occupy myself. Though I am still sorting so many things, I definitely am going to do my best! The lucky glitter still sticks all over me haha.

I did many things at home; and all of them were fun and amazing. I finally was home during Chinese New Year and the warm reunion feeling felt so great.

The home cookings were top notch and it craved me for more and more!

The beautiful small city which is very contrast to urban city I am living in now is awesome. It's great not to see skyscrapers for a while haha!

The relaxing days were great!

The feeling of staying at home with family is, is, is unbeatable! I then realised how lonely living alone is and I didn't really want to go back Jakarta again haha.

How nice it is to have "daughter" title forever?

Alright I'm just being emo and such. So, here is a little peak of what was I doing (and eating) in hometown:

The first morning sky from house! Ah how I love living in a small town!

Climbing mountain to eat yummy satay!

And bargain durians!

Because Chinese New Year for my family is not complete without this! You know what is this?

Visited dear ahma and played with her young rabbit that is very very calm! (Sis held her btw)

The BESTEST pempek in this world only exists in Jogja! TRUST ME!

Went Hero because I was bored and home alone for a few days so I decided to cook Laksa Udon!

Since there were nobody home so I became naughty lol!

Kue putu uncle passed by my house so I stopped and bought so much haha!

Ta-dah--my experimental Laksa Udon! Added so much pepper, salt and sugar bcs the paste was super light!

Salty healthy thick soup!

My trademark ang siu chicken!

This steamed soft mashed potato with smoked beef I ate when I caught hand foot mouth disease--I came to like it so much!

Mother de trademark soto bening! Me likey likey!

Went swimming because my chest was super sore--it didn't feel much better but it definitely was awesome. I woov swimming!

The best ang siu snapper from father's friend's restaurant. FOREVER CANNOT STOP EATING IT! XD

Traditional meesua mother cooked--despite of its plain taste, I ate FOUR bowls. LMAO.

Seems like there are many more food photos than normal.

Looked at these photos, no wonder I gained approximately 4KGs.

I feel so terrible--this weight is the HEAVIEST I could ever be in my life.

Excuse me while I sob virtually!

I will make sure I will get rid most of my fats before I graduate. I wanna see whether this sentence will be proven or not hahahaha!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Hahaha! Now I'm hungry. I need chicken.
    All your food look so yummmeeyyhhhh!
    And good to see that you were having so much fun on your holiday. ^_^

    1. Hahahaha! Shall I cook you chickens? :D
      You should someday take a holiday here and I will bring you to so many good places to food~ Ah, someday ^^
      Thank you!


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