Saturday, February 14, 2015

Spring-cleaning Friday!

Forced myself to be productive today because I am going home soon--therefore I did my spring cleaning one week faster.


I seriously threw SO MANY stuff. I threw a lot of gifts and expired oats *cry* which reminds me it has been a while since I ate oats.

Ah, also, I found some like 6 years old letters and I decided to burn them all.

No hard feeling, I just want to spring-clean my heart and mind as well hahaha.

Before. EW.

After 9 hours LOL. (Some clutter-look tables were not actually cluttered; I just still need most of those stuff haha)

Seriously tiring but I felt amazing as well; as I decluttered so many spots. Throwing some unused gifts I don't even want to give to another people.

And the best feeling is finding old letters. Mostly from overseas--and I feel nostalgic! Ah, also I plan to burn some of them.

Like I said before--spring-clean my heart and mind as well. TEEHEE!

A super tired look after 9 hours of spring-cleaning haha.

Have you done your spring-cleaning?

I bet, nope. HAHA. I started super early.

Lots of love ♥


  1. Hahaha i will try and do this kind of post before after cleaning thingy too.
    I am moving house soon and i havent started my springclean thing yet. Hahahah let me cry

    1. Ahhhh that's great! I am moving out from here soon as well, so I am thinking that this cleaning is my first step to pack my stuff. And that's hella lots of stuff that I need to pack. :O Here, I lend you my shoulders ^^


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