Thursday, February 12, 2015

ピンクの物語:#9 ♥

Pink story ninth edition!

Though this time I won't be writing much about what's happening--assuring you it was one of my awesome holiday date tho haha.

I am going to jot all of my honest thought here.

A, super, honest, post.

The kindhearted Ranger Meow planned holiday here and I joined the holiday. It was adventurous--yup--and nice. I had so much fun, I ate so many delicious things, I enjoyed my days so much, even sleeping felt so awesome that I slept immediately the moment I touched the bed on the cold nights in the room.

Actually, it's one kind feeling of fun and happiness which is unique to me. Something that my friends cannot give, that my family cannot give.

Still unable to put the feeling into words now. It's just amazing on its own way.


Just, different. Like, how to say? Unique, but it craves me for more. Almost like addicting, legally and illegally hahahaha don't think bad please.

It was crazily raining from Sunday onwards so some plans were ruined (and mother kept on calling me) so I obeyed her; both because she was extremely scary and she was extremely worried. I don't want to make her any more sad and worried so I obeyed; though I was a bit sad inside as well.

Also, at some point my guts--again--telling me that I was betrayed. I was extremely angry and wanted to cry on the second night on the holiday date.

Ranger Meow betrayed me.

Indirectly though.

Now that I think about it for another 24 hours by my own self--it's nothing but something too hilarious.

Want to know what is it about?

It's the fact that Sally Duck is a chicken.

A dirty uncute chicken.

The moment Ranger Meow told me that the kawaii Sally Duck is a kawaikunai (uncute) Sally Chicken, I dropped my jaw and was shocked.

I always think kawaii Sally Duck is a duck. Then I realised Sally's last name is never Duck. It's stoopid Chick.

Sally Chick.

It sounds extremely slutty omg. Nowhere nearby cute.

Then I laughed a while over that shocking fact.

And lost my smile forever on that moment.

Do you think I was angry for a really idiot reason? Now I guess so, I wasted that night with a very ugly face and wasted energy of holding my tears for falling.

I don't know, I got angry at Ranger Meow for telling me that thing; that Sally Duck is not a cute duckling but is an uncute chicken. But after few hours; I realised he is not someone to get mad at.

I got mad at myself for not realising that Sally is a chick.

Fun fact: I never like chickens, hens, cocks, whatever.

I hate chickens. I am scared of chickens. I don't get it why people keep chickens as pets. I don't get it why people draw Sally as chicken. I don't get it why chickens are so delicious.

I couldn't say that out loud. It's something like personal issue, but I don't even know why was that such thing a personal issue for me. Probably it was my hormones, probably I was on my peak on that day so I got so angry and almost cried on that night.

So funny and lame at the same time.

Anyway, we sorta explored some new things on the holiday. Since Ranger Meow wanted to buy his card games and asked me about the stores--it reminded me on the toys stores corner at Binus' beloved mall (TA haha) so I brought him there.

And it was really there--the card store. So I was happy for him la.

The crazy thing is that the store security tool (alarm tower thingie) kept going off everytime I passed by. Fyi, not only that store, in many many stores my bags keep on resounding.


I went crazy of what thing is in my bag. Really cannot figure it out up to today. It drove me crazy.

Wei shen me my bag jiang bad de?

Okay la, I never mind that. No buggies. I just didn't like to attract attention. My face is the way too cute to steal things from a store I haven't even ever visited before.


But I am glad that he got his stuff. He was hesitated to buy those or not; looking at him, I totally understand the moment he will regret it when he didn't buy it so I told him: buy it. Even at some point where we almost ran out time, I kept reminding him to buy it and won't regret. Hoping that all of the cards worth well.

Wanted to visit the other store at MGR apt but both of it were closed. My perfect assumption was because of flood--but I am glad that we could finally buy the boxes on last minute on the first store that didn't like me. That always went peep peep peep everytime I came in.


Ah, another thing--we watched movies. Watching movies is like the essential course. Always have it. I love movies so I enjoy it so much.

Watched Jupiter Ascending for the first occasion. Took me like half of the movie to understand what it is about; but I assure you it's awesome. Not only the effect thingie (my sight is blurry so I won't give that opinion), but the story is also great.

I recognised Channing Tatum (and remembered how my High School friend went crazy over him. But sorry he is not my kind of type haha). I didn't know the girl though but she was a bit too serious and bodoh? No idea.

Also the three royal members; erm, don't like one of them. That's great because they played the antagonist roles; and I really hated them (their characters). I really made ew face especially for the first brother.


And Ranger Meow thinks he is so sexy lmao me bursted in laugh.

Then watched Darker than Night for the second occasion. I needed my horror dosage so though Ranger Meow scared of it; I believed the story won't be too scary so I was half-gambled it won't be too scary.

It was scary. Laughed when Ranger Meow was really scared. I felt so bad.

I am sorry XD

Moreover, sorry to say, it was a bit lame.

The scenes were like, jumping from one to another. Many connections are missing. Couldn't say much though, but still. I only got the idea of the rough plot only on the last 15 minutes. Though the unpredictable ending is the plus point, the whole movie was directed weirdly for me.

Also, the Becker was so so cute. It's one thing. Hahahaha.

Ah, also watched Hostel series. Hostel and Hostel Part 2. Though I am okay with gore movies, I don't really fancy it.

And Hostel movies made me scared of overly-kind people anywhere in this world. I am very cold already initially and I will be just colder and colder toward people now. I don't want to end up got mutilated like that omg.

One reason I regret why I am so cute HAHAHAHA.

Ah, also another batch of notti drinks. I am sure a few drops of alcohol won't hurt me. But trust me I don't fancy alcohol. I am okay with it, but it won't be on my favourite list. Though several alcoholic drinks are pretty awesome.

I still love fruit juices more more more.

So the rank will be like: fruit juice, plain water, yakult, yoghurt, fruit smoothies, tea, milk, alcohol, coffee, soda.

This time I didn't take many pics for some reasons:
* Pretty occupied--was a chauffeur, tour guide and a lovely companion.
* Crazily raining.
* Felt mad and betrayed haha.
* Don't know. Can help me list? haha.

But I did take some pics, only few though:

Breakfast at 3pm.

Dinner at 12am.

The majestic foodies!

Can say this holiday date we ate like countless junk food: burger, fries, fried chicken. But other than those fatty and awesomely delicious foods, we also ate some decent food for pictures haha. (Joke)

Trapped in hours of jam.

Flood attack. Siao leh.

My very first experience of flooding. I was seriously scared of things happened and wanted to go home few days faster. But Ranger Meow accompanied me well and helped me cut some lanes, ahhh I am very very grateful! If I were alone I confirmed will probably cry.

But we were completely fine. Moreover, got to walk around flooding area, had a fun walk and played with dirty water (errr not literally played but still got wet all over) and was able to eat warm and much much Nasi Padang meals.

It was so memorable!

Poor Sally!!

Ah, also had a small accident.

for(int i=1, i>1, i++){
          System.out.println("Die die me."); }

I am perfectly screwed this time.

Through those ups and downs, I still feel that this time Pink Story is amazing.


Lots of love ♥


  1. I wonder if you received my contact? I press send but nothing happened. Let me know if you havent.
    And i think you meant Mila Kunis for the female main actress..hahah she cute whatttt. I havent watch the movie tho.
    Flood? I hope nothing too serious happen. Please take care alright?
    I am shocked as well.. Sally Duck was actually a chicken?!

    1. Nah... I'll leave you a message for another method *wink*
      Ah, that name sounds familiar. I am not sure whether I have seen her somewhere?
      Ahhhh alright XD she is good looking, has this somewhat exotic vibe? Hahahaha. The movie is awesome, for me though.
      Nope, thank you for the concern! My place is perfectly safe here ^^ I just got caught outside, haha.

      YES! I MEAN, WHAT THE HELL? Sally Duck is not a chicken! Hahahaha. I feel so stupid. I feel like going for a demo to LINE Corp office, "Make Sally Chick a Duck please!" LOL!


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