Monday, February 2, 2015

Major Thesis: week 17 and 18 (最後)

I know I have been disappointing some of my loyal readers for my lack of updates sooooo I genuinely apologise for my tardiness of blogging and your wasted Internet to visit my blog with no update.

I finally have the chance to key in some words to my dusty blog.. *blow dust*

I gotta mumble mumble a bit ♪

You know... My last two weeks of Major Thesis project journey was harsh.

I finally took my official grad photo and I really regret that I skipped so many chances to get rid of some unappetizing layers of fats.

Not to mention the sleepless nights my friend and I had gone through, we did really look tired for the last few weeks. Well, I kept putting myself moisturiser so nobody actually pointing the tiredness in my face; though actually looking from afar, I do look exhausted.

Also, we actually decided to print the whole thesis by ourselves so it was kind of frustrating. Very sick.

No lah actually I was the one proposed the idea, because we had some of our tables flipped on one side therefore we need to be very cautious in printing (and I can't trust anyone to do that--it's my Major Thesis project!) so then we divided ourselves in printing.

What makes it extra difficult to print is that we use both sides of the paper to print--it's the procedure given by uni for printed-out thesis. I made the way TOO MANY mistakes on printing both sides of paper that from 100 pieces of paper, at least I would make 40 pieces of mistakenly printed papers, fml.

I wasted so much precious papers. I'm so grateful that there is much more papers that I ever need. The painful ass is the printer--I spent nearly half a million for the catridges alone, urm.

All of you did well, proud of you my fellow catridges~!

Also I have had countless nights without sleep so I took myself a break every 5:30AM and tried to took fabulous sunrise pictures--but it was mostly cloudy here so I took nothing.

Well, there was one morning where it was super bright even at 5:30AM--a rare sight!

Then after more days of no sleep, no eat and no rest--we finally finished printing everything. I don't know why I had this sort of feeling that I didn't contribute much--again. I am not sure. I'm pretty broke after submitting my thesis (not anymore; I AM COMPLETELY BROKE WITH NO SINGLE CENT LEFT) and I felt so mo lui that I wrote it so many times anywhere.

Even a little piece of biscuit is really precious to me now hahahaha.

But LOA kicks me--I said I mo lui then I really became mo lui for the entire week.

So I decided to pamper myself with a good treat of biscuit and light milk and the next morning, my angel sent me money from heavenz. (read: mother sent me my monthly salary two days earlier yay mummy manse!)

Simply couldn't believe it that our thesis is this thick; I mean, I was awed with many thesis written last few years and they were super thick. I'm pretty proud! Teehee.

I believe real registered names are not to be shared casually here--even without consent.

So~~~~enjoy the title for now!

I am going to upload it to Binus' Library Collection though so it's going to be available after my defence.

And finally~~5:30PM and we finally, completely submitted our thesis' softcopy. A 9 tons of boulder in my shoulders are lifted!

Walked home really happily because the heavy shoulders are no longer felt so I released my stress with my Tasuke~! (my help? lmao)

Okay--it's a spoiler though. I plan to make this the CNY Special Edition of 9 Tumbler Drawing Projects for my client but I still need lots of touches. My skill is limited so I don't know whether I can finish it on time.

I am very exhausted atm and need my beauty sleep.

Lots of love ♥


  1. wah, finally finished your thesis d, wishing you all the best!

    (A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

  2. Yayyy! You finally submitted your thesis!

    Catridges...hmmm..i dun print often but that this is still expensive af! Lol...

    And how should i give you my email? I duno if i can give it to you here.. XD

    1. LOL! Yeah expensive as hell!
      Can you probably send me a message on my contact page? I will reply you with my personal email from there *wink*

  3. Good luck with your thesis! ^^ Kinda painful for wallet tho.. hohoho!

    1. Thankyouuuu Vivin! ♥
      Yeah, I went from having a little saving to not even a cent left ;____;


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