Sunday, February 15, 2015


This year I have been feeling overwhelming waves of luck--even up to today! It's some sort of self-fulfilling thing which actually brings me to the real luck. The thought of feeling the overwhelming waves of luck is literally attracting luck to me; which I think is an awesome feeling.

That's why I don't want to stop. It's just awesome that I want to spread it to people. But thanks to my somewhat clumsy appearance and complicated mind, it's actually hard to put it verbally.

But I promise I will share its awesomeness to all of you. For now, my strongest ability is to write it thoughtfully and beautifully here--so catch my life here!

*cough* it's one reason to follow my blog oki hahahaha /noshame

But really, Law of Attraction is not a joke! Even if it's so, I don't mind. I feel better thanks to it and everything else has fallen to its perfect spot I want them to be placed ever since I was encountered to it. The only withdrawal is my weakness of being unable to be 有决心 to what hurts me.

One small note: I, once again was faced a really hard situation yesterday and eventhough I wanted the best result to both parties, it seemed that people are not always how I want them to be. I need to step on their shoes to perfectly understand how to deal with them.

Which is very hard.

Father is one wise man. I encountered similar thing last year (which cause serious shock to me) and father was the one who pulled my hand and helped me stand up again. I was seriously knocked down and I fell deep to the mud of judgement and anger. But he always advised me to forgive people no matter what they do.

Forgive, then leave forever.

It's hard for me. Probably because, I am not sure, but it's just hard to justify it. I know, it always sounds good to forgive and forgive, but deep inside of me, there's probably hell.

My belief firmly stands within me that I won't forgive people. It's hard to explain here, but I am not the type that can actually stay in peace after people seriously put me or my family or my beloved down.

It's nearby impossible for me to forgive, or even knit another good relation with them.

It's either I'll take revenge, or I'll leave it unsettled. I have this weird terminology that leaving means closing the problem, which means, any state of it when I left it is the conclusion and I won't do anything further to change that.

I know I sound so bad-tempered, but I'm not a bad-tempered person. I mostly keep everything inside.

I mostly buried everything inside me. But rest assure, I won't explode.

At least until I decide to. LOL.

That's why I have thought about it well that I need someone like my parents--who both are cold-headed, to always stay beside me. I need someone to cool me down. Lucky, both of my parents and my sis are cold-headed fellows. Somehow they influenced me to be a cold-headed girl; unconsciously.

Probably I am stuck in between cold and hot. So I'm a lukewarm. Ew.

Which now I can ensure myself that I cannot be with people with bad-tempered. Though I am not one, but I have always been holding a trigger-explosion button in my left hand.

I believe, I don't want to live my life forever holding it right?

Anyway, I'm still in learning progress to achieve self-peace. Thanks to everyone around me, good or bad, you give me something to learn!

At least, life is not so boring at all.

But again, back to the main topic. I am not going to bluff about it, I seriously have been feeling awesomeness and joyful since the first day of 2015.

On my--and everyone else's--second New Year this year--which is Chinese New Year--I sincerely hope it is going to be auspicious and wonderful year to all of you.

Also, the fun dinner reunion and gathering and lots of red red thingie *wink* I am sure it's going to be so much fun!

I am going back to my parents' home tomorrow. I might be lack of posts in few days or even weeks ahead; so I put this 新年快樂 poster I made few weeks ago here today. 
Send me a message on my contact page if you need anything urgently. I'll try my best to return your email asap.

Happy holiday everyone!

Lots of love ♥


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