Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Uh oh sweet life.

This post is supposed to be one of my Major Thesis project series but I eventually left internet world temporarily since last week; as I was immersed in my last few weeks of uni (SADZ!).

I kinda can say that I have abandoned my blog hahahaha!

This post will summarise what I've done for last five weeks regarding uni and daily life, and yadda yadda.

Major Thesis: week 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16

Never really tracked the progress anymore but I believe we increased our pace and speed like 9,999 times faster for the last two weeks. I personally set a very very early deadline for my Major Thesis project therefore I stressed it out by myself.

I kept imagining that many of my friends have finished their projects (application buildings, and many more things) while it seems that my Major Thesis project (SAP testing result) writing just neverends; that it drove me crazy.

I pulled an all nighter last night tidying the chapters and margins. Also I started to print my Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 with blood and sweat. I literally had almost zero sleep since Monday (excluding little snooze I secretly took in class haha) up to this very second.

And I'm exhausted--mentally and physically.

There was one point when I just stared at my phone for thirty minutes and about to cry but then it stopped.

I questioned my mentality sometimes.

I understand it's just all happened inside my head but sometimes I fed up with all of the voice in my head that sleep them away is the best thing in my life.

And I will regret that decision immediately anyway--for wasting valuable hours to silent that noisy thing inside my head.

Btw, I originally made an appointment with my previous Internship supervisor tomorrow for my Major Thesis review but I received no news up to this very second so I am in a slightly panic mode now.



And I am so excited!

I am pretty confident that partner and me will finish our Major Thesis project well, but my little OCD bug somehow kicks in that it took me hours and hours to tidy one fifty-paged table. Again, it drove me crazy. I wasted my time tidying the table margins, pointing out each typo, typing an additional space after a dot and removing a space before dot.

Hahahaha. I'm so annoyed by myself zxc ai yo.

Tomorrow is my saigo no class and I feel sad--that it is probably going to be my very last class in my life. WHY SO EMO.

But--I won't stop learning.

I love education; who knows?

★Chopping dead locks★

Before the salon gets so full of people wanting to chop hair as the new year approaching, I decided to get myself an early bird service by going to chop my few centimetres away since it's too brittly frizzly in my humblest opinion.

I tried to mention the easiest hairchop style to maintain for a long time (a year approximately) so I just asked it to be chopped in a normal way without much layer.

I'm not a good friend with hair layers anyway. They suck my hair. Poor hair.

This is my second visit to One Piece Hair Studio and I must admit I love their super friendly service. Though the price is not too friendly for sibeh bo lui me but still, ada uang ada rupa.

You know? The money is worth the service.

Though the styling was gone after one good night sleep:

Back to the messy-haired me wootz.

The stylist gave me free lesson (so nice isn't she?) to style my hair with hairdryer only so that it would look messily-cute. Seems like she understands that my hair doesn't fall down forever although it never goes as far as getting that beautiful wave--so she taught me how to style my hair; in a messy way plus in a cute way--with only hair vitamin and hairdryer!

So now I'm officially declaring that I WILL OWN A PREMIUM QUALITY OF HAIRDRYER.

But for the current sibeh bo lui me it is somewhat impossibru so I can only visualise it in my dream of having messy-cute hair.

For now I shall bear with messy-only hair lmao.

The haircut expected my standard; not bad. But I know the way to make it so much better is for myself to learn how to style properly!

Therefore, A PREMIUM QUALITY OF HAIRDRYER is on its way to my house in the future!

A pink or red one would be awesome though~ *wink*

Anyway, random note here:
Should I say that Uni life is the best?!

Lots of love ♥


  1. I am sure you and thesis partner will do brilliant. The fact that you go OCD on it makes it all the more well prepared.
    And i have given up on my hair long ago. Lol i havent cut nor trim it for over a year. Its depressing.

    1. We did our best! Hahahaha I know but it was frustrating so I left everything aside and just put any mistakes on my revision.
      LOL.. It's still fine. My longest gone without haircut was probably around 3+ years, frizzy ends everywhere. >.<

  2. Hi, Nice site thanks for sharing. Would it be okay to contact you through your email? Please email me back.

    1. Sure, drop me a mail on contact page. Thanks


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