Wednesday, January 7, 2015

One layer drawing.


After a good cold shower, I decided to grab my pen tablet and did a quick drawing. Normally I would draw with at least ten layers of drawings because I love experiencing with so many expressions or movements or colours.

Since I wanted to make this one quick so I challenge myself with 'One layer drawing' which I only use one layer for my entire drawing. I didn't use another colour as when I finished the drawing above, I don't think another colour would compliment it further.

But I love colours, I love many many colours--so on my next One layer drawing post I will try several colours at once, and that is surely much harder than using many layers to draw.

Layers are amazing invention!

Oh ya btw, the drawing is me! I am finding my persona now, and it's hard because I haven't found suitable persona for me yet hahaha.

Hitting the bed now~♪

Lots of love ♥


  1. Heloo~~
    cute drawing! and i find it cuter when you said that the drawing is you keke

    1. Hehehe thank you so much! I am a moody artist so this kind of drawing is actually rare :O


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