Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Imma Born Hater.

One day sister sent me a chat: "Go watch Epik High - Born Hater."

Me: "Why?"

Her: "Just watch so I want to know your reaction haha."

Me: *was not interested until few days later then I decided to go to Youtube to watch this MV*

Her: "Have you watched it?" *being insisted, which is very seldom of her*

Me: "Okay okay I go watch it now... Wait ah."

0:04 : Oh man a hiphop song.
0:06 : Wtf inside toilet cubicle?
0:13 : Tablo? Cockroach wtf?!
0:33 : Eyyyyerrrrrrrr holyshit!
0:42 : Eh pretty cool this song?
0:52 : Wtf he said?!
0:54 : Omg this guy so badass looking?! (and found out later his name is Beenzino!)
1:02 : Oh my so bloody hot!
1:24 : *literally poker face* O.O well... *raise middle finger back*
1:33 : Wait what? Is that porn? Hahaha!
1:40 : Wait he is teaching him porn? Wait what? Chotto matte? Eeee? LOL!
1:56 : *chuckled heartily when see B.I laughed at porn like it's his first time*
2:06 : Wait what are those smirks *laugh*
2:24 : Wow so cool?!
2:34 : *drool*
2:39 : OMG I WANT!
3:02 : SO FUN I WANT!
3:10 : Winner? O.o
3:19 : Oh my the overly badass "f*uck them" well said!
3:33 : That's definitely the most badass man Mino!
3:44 : And badass voice uh!
3:50 : Wait who is this?
3:51 : Chotto matte kudasai!!!! *literally gasped*
3:52 : Why babo Bobby is here?!?! *screamed my lung out and voice called stupid sis*
3:57 : Hahaha so hilarious that money sweeper!
4:02 : *poker faced and grabbed cheek*
4:31 : Really enjoying the chorus now haha! So fun!
4:55 : Oh great awesome sugoi!

First few minutes: some random blur badass hiphop song.
Later: epic way to f*uck off haters, well said!

*clear throat*

Conclusion: I experienced a fast emotional roller-coaster in five minutes. Awesome after-taste.

I know sis wanted to show me the Bobby part since we think he is both cool and hilarious! But then I caught my eyes on Beenzino and sis said: "Told you, he's dem cool badass! Andwaeeee!" following with me sending lots of "Andwaeeee" chats to her.

It's a temporary crush but this song is hilariously awesome.

Like, the lyric is so badass! I mean, it's really related.

Fyi I have haters in real life and in blogger life and I never really give them even one blink. Sad isit?

I just hope they have something more beneficial for them to think rather than the plump and cute me. ;D

Badass five minutes is spent well!

Lots of love ♥


  1. I havent listen nor watch this MV (internet connection so slow I would have no hair 5 mins into watching the MV so I dont bother) but have heard about it.
    and I was laughing so hard with that "well...*rasie middle finger back*"
    then you continued on and became a fangirl. LOL you so funny.
    but yeah..haters gona hate no matter, best to ignore them ^_^v

    1. LOL! I know that I was shocked at him pointing middle finger at me but I fangirl-ed lmaoooo~
      Yeah, ignoring them is the kindest thing we can do to our haters ^^

  2. I love Mino of them all.. !♥♥♥


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