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The escapees #2★ — ピンクの物語:#8 ♥

It's been like more than half a month since I sit down here and blog. I've been extremely occupied for some unexplainable reasons--which probably is because I don't even know what made me occupied.

Classes, exams, works, thesis, what else? Lol just entirely tiring and fun.

Btw, my exams finished three weeks ago and the score came out already. I got pretty decent scores : 90 for my math : Quantitative Method and 97 for Knowledge Management. I know exactly what made my math score to be 90 and really regretted it. But anyway I think I did pretty well as I have guessed and that made my day!

(Though it's still not the one that made me fly to the seventh sky as well haha but nevermind)

So after my mid exam week I kinda had this quite long off days to do my thesis. Fyi, up until this time I haven't finished my Testcase and I'm in deep trouble. I have the target to finish the entire Testcase in this week and move to Chapter Four asap.

In this hectic time, Fatty Ranger Meow and me has planned the second escapees episode since long time ago on the first week of the month, and I thought it's just the perfect time for me to stay away from my works for a while; and probably for him as well.

Fatty Ranger Meow (trust me, I've been thinking of another shorter screen name) flew here last week on afternoon and spent a good week holiday. It was entirely so much fun and so much hedonism lol but anyway I really enjoyed my good week holiday. Not sure how is on his side but I could feel that he enjoyed the holiday as well!


The places were so comfortable and nice to sleep on, unique at times, and also fun!

So for our second escapees in a good week holiday, I had a really awesome copilot with me! Fatty Ranger Meow is the best in directions and roads--much better than me. I got distracted easily, I got hungry easily and I got confused easily but he covered me with everything so it's one perfect combi.

He's an expert in map reading and remembering roads. So reliable ughzxc!
Even to the city I never drove before, I had the slightest road errors thanks to awesome Fatty Ranger Meow!

Also the daily convo was so funny I cannot help myself not to laugh everyday. It's amusing and fun.

It's almost impossible for me to get this kind of chemistry with many of my friends; so it's probably why it's always so much fun everytime I see Fatty Ranger Meow. The entire atmosphere is different. Bittersweet salty and sour, just like Mango and Lychee! 

It's hard for me to explain what kind of feeling it is. It's like a sliced Mango in Lychee juice, with that Strawberry-feeling bites, also topped with shaved ice and condensed milk.

Or it's like a warm red oregano soup, with tomato dices, spring onion and warm toasted bread. It also feels like hot fried chicken with barbecue sauce.

Wtf am I talking about?

Okay, so on this holiday date, I pledged myself to eat cheaply on this time Pink Story but it's kind of failed. We ended up eating at restaurants so many times and hedon-ly bought so many beer cans and bottles but still, it was awesome. I had totally no idea whether the alcohol rate on beer didn't let me drive but I drank and drove anyway. It was good.

Oh no, you taught me to be a bad girl is it...

I guess he got addicted to eat at Kitchenette. Even to be honest, I never really went there regularly because it's too much for the tight-pocket me. Also eating at such kind of restaurant alone is always a nope for me. So on the first day, I brought Fatty Ranger Meow to P.I to eat at Kitchenette.

Kena caught police as well for crossing the red light so HAHAHAHA *cries*

Still had one round of beer to have while having the HI roundabout view--it was so fun! People looked at me drinking and Fatty Ranger Meow puffing poison and it was disturbing.

Do you think they thought that I'm a cute underage drinking?

YAY then! 

Do you think alcohol attracts mosquito? Because I got their bites, like hundreds of them. I become pink dalmatian now.

We moved place each day and though it was more tiring than the usual Pink Story, it's much more fun than usual. For this moment I consider this Pink Story is the best I've ever had!

Fyi I can say cheesy things here but I can never say cheesy things in front of people especially Fatty Ranger Meow la because I got shy easily and cheesy words actually make me cringe. But typing it is still bearable for me--and still suitable on my age. So expect me to type lots of cheesy words--and forgive me for the cringeness!

I just hope he never reads my blog because it's too embarrassing to explain how can I be so cheesy here while in real life I'm quiet as a hamster. (Oh and cute also hmm)

Second day then brought him to Mangga Dua since he went pirating things lol wanted to shop cheap stuff and so I went to the DVD store that me and sis usually bought Korean DVDs there. Splurged a bit here and I also got tempted to pirate buy Korean Movies: Secretly Greatly recommended by sis and the second one I forget wtf but the story plot looked interesting.

Then I thought Fatty Ranger Meow didn't like Korean stuff, but out of my expectation he claimed that he has watched Secretly Greatly! NOWAYS! I need to watch it as well!

But I didn't have any DVD player for now; at least until I settle on my new place to stay next year so I told him to bring all my movies first with him and let him watch those first.

Continued to MKG--one of my favourite mall--to have dinner and see around. Ate affordable steaks and got bubble tea promotion so it was nice. I ordered a very weird Lychee tea plus egg pudding but since I loved those even for this yuck combination, I finished my Lychee tea.

Also he got himself few cheap CDs though kept saying that nowadays no people buy CD. I understand that, but I love buying CDs. I bought several Mai Kuraki CDs which even some I haven't opened it until now but I just love it for some reasons. I also plan to hunt for Disney Magic's CDs, some rare Japanese CDs and 80-90's western music CDs. Just, not now.

Everything is digital nowadays /sigh/

Had our very long journey on third day and I wasn't entirely prepared for it. As I had sore thighs for some reasons so driving long is really draining my energy. Nevertheless, I was still able to drive around and even shopped. So it was great! Also, because I had so much fun so the leg pain was completely bearable though I could notice myself mumbling about my legs which were pain die me.

The third place had awesome view! It was the way up so high; me likey! Freezing weather was great even though I don't fancy cold weather. Sometimes, but not too much. Unless there was warmer and blanket and good hot tea, then I love freezing weather so much!

Upon our escapade to Jakarta's neighbour city, I accidentally spotted a various warung satay on Cheewalk road and I suggested us to eat there (since it's been like so many years since he said he wanted to eat satay; rabbit to be specific). I at first was like "uhh so saaaad!" but then we ordered it and ate it for the first time.

It was, spicy -__-

My apologise, I never like spicy foods. Though now I have upgraded to become much better in eating spicy foods. At least I've built some immunity in spicy foods lol.

But surprisingly no rabbit taste at all? Oi, what kind of rabbit taste was I expected also? A furry bite? Noways.

BUT IT TASTED GOOD. NOOOO I feel so bad for cute rabbits :"(

I almost cannot notice the difference between rabbit and chicken but both tasted good, so I nomnom-ed happily sadly and thinking bout these delicious sad cute rabbits. I never own rabbits so I'm just ok with that but imagine if you pet rabbits and you eat rabbit satays--omg HOW CAN YOU.

Then just had Wendys for the second round dinner, the satay though I had it on evening, it's considered as lunch because I haven't really eaten anything since morning.

The night view at the place I stayed was awesome as well!


The fourth day, since he said he wanted to look for some big bags so we looked for the famous local brand store. It was quite easy to look for and the store is modest and nice. The best thing is that almost every item there is discounted so I took my time looking around happily as well!

And he was the one went splurging rather than me... Whaaaat?? Okay awesome! *claps hand*

After splurging for bags lol then we went to the new mall there which I also knew it from my friend before.. Ate local food restaurant there which tasted okay and walked around. But the mall, erm, is nothing much compared to Jakartan malls (yup, I guess it's just new) so then moved to the other mall--pvj.

The struggle to get there was mad--traffic jam was so bad though it's not worse than Jakarta. What made it bad was probably that it's a completely foreign city and I knew nothing there. But we made it anyway.

It was so much fun!!

Yeah, I guess it's the fun part. Got lost together; because got lost alone scared me to death. I hate getting lost by myself hahaha I know I'm a coward for things like this.

Didn't spend too long time there so we went back--but I got too heaty so Fatty Ranger Meow bought me sore throat sweets--and himself a good Ice cream!! I whined the entire road saying wanted Ice cream and cringed at myself for whining. I never get used to be like this and it was not fun at all.

Me: I want Ice cream! Why are you so bad?
Him: I'm so good, you have sore throat I don't let you eat Ice cream, don't want you to get sick.
Me: Aww.

Stupidly happy over small things lol. But still sads because I don't have my Ice cream.

The next day was weekend and I had a hard time to go swimming or not. I was very very tempting to go swimming but since it was quite late so I decided not to go swimming--and probably won't make it anyways.

But I covered it by visiting Majahouse! My friend recommended me this restaurant and it's a must try according to her so I insisted Fatty Ranger Meow that we needed to go here. Though it's a struggle to go here since it's quite hard to look for, we reached there anyway without knowledge and blurry map.

The environment was awesome, and I think it was on the same building with a club since it was noisy with the Jazz sound and stuff. But the food was decent and the rainy cold weather was amazing... So I really loved it. Thank you for the recommendation Ghe! (If you read this you know I really thanked you!)

Then left this restaurant we headed around Ciwalk again. It was raining ugh so I didn't fancy it. Decided to park on one mall and just walked to the other mall. It was far; and tiring to be completely bared and honest. But I enjoyed it. I really have the holiday feeling; the lost feeling (Idk whether it's a nice feeling or not hahaha) and the date feeling. Guess he would never consider it as such but nevermind, let me consider it for myself. I enjoyed it so much!

Quite late then walked back to the FO, arms got sore and it was raining. Then the shopping begins; Fatty Ranger Meow really spent everything at this time. Bought an approximately 6KG weigh of jeans which I was jawdropping at until the shop really closed. It was super super heavy; but also there was this euphoria feeling of shopping so much.

Do you understand that after-shopping feeling?

Though I didn't really go shopping as I was only mostly accompanying; I also had that after-shopping feeling. Satisfaction, big loss of money but happy, only shopping does that! Hahahaha.

Until it was quite late to find food--and I gave up looking for the night culinary market. So we just ate at one youngster noodle and milk small restaurant (semacam Beverly Hills lah kalo di Jogja) which Fatty Ranger Meow claimed that it's always crowded everytime we went there. So we went there; until 1:30AM wtf then we went back. It's probably the latest I really went out for shopping business playing Idk what to say hahaha I feel chou guilty.

Also I could feel the peak mood that night--it was probably one of the best weekend I ever had in my life and everything just felt so good! Also that day, I started to notice that the time flew too fast--how many days have passed in happiness?

And it seemed like the splurging on weekend was not enough; so before heading back to my town we went for the second short round of shopping. Got us and our siblings slippers and he got a good deal of cute shoe bag. (Now when I thought about it, I WANT IT TOO OMG WHY DIDN'T I BUY IT SOBSOBSOBSOB).

He also said that he was going to buy a set of bow and arrow souvenirs for me to use it as a Kagome. WOAH SO EXCITED! I was tempted to buy it but I didn't... ARGH WHY!

I am pretty sure this is the sign that we're going to have the third escapade which is YAY.

Then the way home--the weather was awesome unlike those days where I stayed there when it's almost raining everyday ugh why.

Excuse his gf de crotch will you?

Fatty Ranger Meow fell asleep on the way back and listening to his soundly sleeping voice lullabied me to almost fall asleep on highway as well. OMG IT WAS DANGEROUS. I almost fell asleep so many times on highway; I had this experience few times. But when I was alone versus when I brought people, the tense multiplied so many times since I had him with me. Soooo I raised the radio volume up and tried to hum any songs played there. omg.

Upon reaching Jakarta then I felt so much relieve. After settled the place to stay, went to Carrefour for some food shoppings and then went to Sarinah for MacDonalds. I always like Sarinah because it's in the middle of city, it has Bakmi GM, it has good MacDonalds and KFC and fruit market and everything else. So I had myself a good cheeseburger meal.

One nice experience: I met a group of Japanese girls there. They were very idol-like, my favourite! They looked so pretty and I really love their long slender legs. They also looked cuteeee ttm and I fell in love instantly!

Me: Omg I love them so much. Can I be their girlfriend?
Him: Okay, I also love them, I also want it.

So I've settled somewhere on my mind that I will go to Japan to look for cute girls like them.

And Fatty Ranger Meow whined to me why I never talked to those Japanese girls--how can I dare to do so?! I even am embarrassed by myself even to approach them, not to mention whether I can talk to them: 「あの、私があなたの友達になれますか」 = [ano, watashi ga anata no tomodachi ni naremasu ka] means Erm, can I be your friend?

No, I cannot.

But I became gay on that night and he approved so I was so happy!

I am now straight again though.

Then went to Central Park before he flew back home. Had a fancy late-lunch though it tasted just quite ok for me--and had a spicy wing attack! Then, since it was still few hours away until his departure so we entered the almost-empty cinema and watched a stupid funny Madagascar penguins' movie. Don't really understand why was it quite ex despite of it was Monday.

Then leaving to airport, had fast food dinner and then sent him home. At some point--I felt so grateful that it was so awesome, but I also have the bittersweet feelings of sending him home. For some reasons, it felt like when I sent mama home--it almost felt like I'm sending a family member away.

For some other unknown reasons, I feel happy that the time we spent was real fun. So, it was saddening at first, but the missing feeling is the most intense the first few hours after the separation. Probably it was me, but I also had no idea why for me it's deep.

Though so, seeing Fatty Ranger Meow back, I kind of have some weird feeling of warm and cold inside my chest. It's like looking at my family, and best friend, and brother, or lover, and something unexplainable.

It's too complicated for me until I couldn't say anything much except: safe flight and woov you!



Also, in each night, I cannot understand but I always got myself a surprise!
So, it will be in another post!

Overall I felt so great for the second escapade and feel so grateful!

Thank you;


Lots of love ♥

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