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Review: HiCustom 'Custom Your Own' apparels, mugs, phone cases and more!

I was kindly offered to try one of HICustom's product on early October (I know I delayed it too long and I am very sorry for that!) by Harper, who is very kind to answer my every question which actually doesn't need to be asked since everything is available on the website.


Thank you very much HICustom!
HICustom is one of the industry's largest buyers of blank apparel.
HICustom deals with socially responsible brands who comply with best-practice business requirements and international standards and codes.
HICustom provides a full-service experience and will design and customize each order to client specifications.
Our product selection is virtually endless with more than 100 colours of t-shirts.
I talked to several people for blog's small reviews and stuff like that before; and HICustom has one of the fastest customer service and kind also! I was served kindly though my stuttered Chinese probably made no sense.

So I'm glad to write this post as well.

On October I ordered my own customised product from the offer and decided that T-Shirt is the best thing for me at the moment. (I am a very casual person anyway teehee).

Who doesn't love customised T-Shirts?

Besides of the special feeling, you can actually go for whatever you like--literally whatever. I'm not a picky in clothes but I have my style--uncommon style lol. I go with anywhere anytime casual so I want something I really want and I never see it anywhere in this world.

I was thinking hard of my very first own customised T-Shirt because I want to make it somewhat cool that no store in this world own it.

I love owning rare things especially things that only me own it--it's somehow personal satisfaction and joy!

I was completely unable to draw by myself at the time I was about to design it on the Design Lab by HICustom--an easy User Interface to design your own T-Shirt. So I wanted to grab some pictures from Google for my first customised T-Shirt.

I grabbed Nyan-Cat's zombie image (because it looks good in dark coloured T-Shirts), also grabbed Princess Bubblegum image because it looks literally sweet as bubblegum teehee. I also grabbed Hana-chan's cute image and couldn't decide which one to use.

Until I stumbled upon some legal articles about copyrights and that pulled me down to the cliff and I immediately sought for advices of image copyrights. Unable to get proper answers, I decided to go for quotes for my T-Shirt.

The copyright thingies scared me though I completely conscious it's not a big deal. I take no profit at all and I REALLY WANT IT but then, may be my next order I won't care too much about this thing LOL.

So I go for this quote:

Day before yesterday I saw a rabbit
and yesterday a deer, 
and today, you.

It's a quote from novel The Dandelion Girl which is so cute in my opinion. And it's the quote I would choose if I had to have my tattoo (which I'm not interested at the moment haha).

I just interpreted the quote as: I saw beautiful things each day, and today I see you. It's somewhat cute and I go aww.

I'm not a design student so I totally had no idea how to do typography. So I just typed the quote on Photoshop and went to the Design Lab and uploaded it. It's as fast as lightning and I finished my customised T-Shirt in no time lol.

Casually myself! Me likey!

Don't anyhow say that I gain weight--LOL. I'm not happy at all.

Excuse my warehouse-like room but my room is now seriously starting to feel super packed as I keep too many things yer.

Close up material photo after roughly 6-7 wash. It is nicely printed despite of the very thin fonts.

How do you know whether the printed T-Shirt is nice or not? You feel on the printed part; is it hard? Is it soft enough to be folded? Is it glossy or matte? There are many types of it; but I prefer the long-lasting one. The soft and matte one. This T-Shirt is like that--and I'm glad!

By the way, this is my FIRST PURPUR T-SHIRT! I'M SO EXCITED.

I used to hate purple colour because it stands in between blue or pink; cannot decide? But then I'm loving it more nowadays because; because it gives off this luxurious aura. Talk about aura in another post ;)

So fun isit? Now affordable customised T-Shirt is available online and all you need to do is some, erm photoshop (or google) skill and you have what you want.

Talking about customised T-Shirt, long ago I wanted to make one. A rip-off Mickey Mouse own printed T-Shirt when I was a teenager. But I never made it. I don't know why.

So this is my very first experience of customising T-Shirt... You can say that I am really addicted hahaha. 

Hey HICustom, you are going to receive another order from me sometime next year ah! :D

So, how do you make your own customised T-Shirt?

Firstly, sign up for a free account on HICustom, for convenience.

Then head to Design Lab page and start designing your own thing!

Piece of cake! Yum!

I ordered my T-Shirt on mid of October; the order was shipped on October 16th and it reached my place on November 06th. 

Pretty fast for a standard overseas delivery! I was expecting for at least four weeks but it came faster--something that I wish for, ah nevermind.

Besides T-Shirt, you can actually select other products, such as: hoodies, mug, phone case, hats and many more. There are wide range of design available on the website as well if you have no idea what to put in your own customised T-Shirt.

Great thing isit! This kind of online shop always excites me for some reasons; though I don't shop often. 

Phone case is another thing that interests me actually, but my current phone is the somewhat rare type so it doesn't available there. :/

Rather than contemplating about this, how about you check on the HICustom's website and see what interests you there?


Lots of love ♥

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