Friday, December 12, 2014

Major Thesis: week 07, 08, 09, 10 & 11.

Excuse my somewhat pitiful 40 mins drawing...

I literally didn't follow any of my gracious plan of doing my Major Thesis Project.

So I underestimated time--that it just zapped right in front of your eyes and who knows the second week of December is almost gone?

I had exams on November so I took the Major Thesis easily. I divided my attention between Major Thesis and Exam carefully and I did pretty well on exam; which left me with no regret.

Then few days before Week 10, I got immersed in packing for my escapade so I kinda just readjusted my Test Case (part of my Major Thesis Project) and just progressed that much; not that much, erm.

Then I completely let go of my Test Case on Week 10 since I was away and decided not to bring my laptop with me even though I had planned to bring it with me to do it every night, but I could almost confirm that I would be exhausted from all the trip and driving, and my laptop is mega big and heavy so I left it.

Then on Week 11 (this week) after my escapade, I felt that panic feeling and directly finished the whole Test Case template in one night and decided to finish the entire content of the Test Case template by Sunday evening--praying hard that I will make it.

Not only the Test Case, but I hope that by Sunday evening I will be able to finish entire Chapter Three.

I hated myself for being so leisure while most of my friends are updating status about how they skip sleep thanks to Major Thesis... And here I am, blogging and being super unproductive.

There is nothing wrong with me right??

I still have house chores pilling to do tomorrow--huat ah!!!! *crying*

Lots of love ♥

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