Friday, December 19, 2014

Introducing: Tasuke ♪

Besides enjoying my best on my very last semester at uni, I have recently been drawing. Not the hardcore drawing nonstop until forget time (erm, I always draw until I forget time though it's still on normal range) but it's more like it's a newly returned hobby that I've left for so long.

I realised I have not really written anything about newest drawing partner (and dearest) so I'm dedicating this post to him.

Introducing, Tasuke (Tablet-suke? lmao really buay paiseh name)

Excuse my ancient messy table with cables anywhere your eyes can see--I have no intention to tidy it soon though because I keep reusing it; that I now pick my laptop out so often erm.

Tasuke is a Wacom Intuos Pen; a drawing pen tablet. Got him about 1,5 months ago for IDR 1,100K because I have the urge to draw between my busiest, most stressful days in my life.

No regret--he is one of the best thing I can ever have.

I completely understand that many of you don't understand what's on Tasuke that can make person so happy.

For me,
  1. I can draw endlessly without spending papers.
  2. I can colour--I love digital colouring!
  3. Limitless type of brushes is heaven--there are free available on forums, just google properly and download everything. AWESOME.
  4. Good investment since I'm a moody artist--if I ever invest myself in real water-brush, oil brush and canvas, those are too expensive to deal with my moody hands.  
That's why I'm uber happy. I just realised I have always been too happy lately. It's amazing.

All you need to do is to move your pen (and draw) on Tasuke's face. The pen is more like the pen-shaped mouse, it moves the pointer anywhere on the screen and scribbling on Tasuke's face is same with clicking the mouse over the paint canvas.

You just have a better grip for drawing because it's pen shaped.

It takes a while to get used to it; but it's definitely one fun thing nerd me really love!

The pen closer look.

So I've been drawing like tons of doodles lately and I plan to open a new Portfolio page of my drawings. But recently my mood is gone so I only sketch and colour; no proper lining. It's somewhat messy and doesn't look good to put on portfolio so I just keep it on my D: drive.

I'm showing you my latest sketch + colour.
No proper lining so I am not posting the full drawing.

I'm having Akazukin Chacha mood so I'm drawing Magical Princess Holy Up. She's SOOOO CUTE I'M FALLING IN LOVE for a while.

Forgive me if the drawing missed on so many features--because I drew without guidance. I just focus on her cuteness OwO

Btw I've started my end of year holiday today; until first week of January.


I'm not ready for the real world--but I have to be. Well, in fact I won't be any more ready than I am now. It's the simple truth.

Fyi I was strolling Google few days ago and was looking for a job. Not internship, but a proper job. I am not sure why but the ones I looked at required Master Degree and minimum experience of 3 years.

I wonder how people can get those 3 years of experience while to apply for a job, they need minimum experience of 3 years?

Then I realised I was looking for the high-end position such as manager and director. LMAO

And one big dilemma I'm facing now: Should I take Master Degree or not?

So many of my friends answer yes when I asked them; but something said "wait" inside my head. It's unusual. When I entered university, my brain nor my heart shouted me any conflict about it but when now I was contemplating about Master Degree, somehow I heard one voice inside me that told me to wait.

There is something that halts me, though I don't know the reason yet. It's somewhat weird.

I always trust my guts and instinct because they somewhat have this magical power that save me anywhere and anytime.

Also, if I really decide to take Master Degree, I got to look for real scholarships because I have no money nor my parents. I honestly want to work, though but I still have no idea where to work and what to do.

I think I'm kind of different.

I'm a picky. Ever since I was little, though I moved schools and city several times, I was picky with my schools. I always got into the first choice of my school. Then, university was my first time of hesitation, but I enrolled to the first university I applied into. Lastly, internship place. I got hired on the very first company that I sent my resume into.

Then now--working. I really want something extraordinary, something that fits me well, something that both my mind and my heart would agree. I know, working life is different than school life; but at least, I can desire something right?

I can work on it, the hardest and the best I am going to squeeze my sweat glands out.

Until then, I will finish my last semester of university gracefully.

Happy Friday (and weekend) readers!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Those pictures are so beautiful <3 super cute!
    I am following you now, please follow back if you like my blog too :)

    Have a nice day!
    Aimie from Channel Of Creation

    1. Hello, thank you! Returning the love back :)

  2. hi thanks for your comment, I bought mine from indonesian-singaporean company :)

  3. tasuke!!! the name sounds cute!!! XD
    I really admire how cute your drawings are :')
    Perhaps you're still holding onto the experience you got during your internship?? Working before aiming the master degree isn't such a bad idea though XD

    1. Don't you think it also means: "help me" when I continue it... "tasuke,,,te"? hahaha XD
      Thank youuuu xD I'm still improving, and I'm nowhere near professional. I guess being an amateur is great in another way haha.
      Yup that sounds great! Though I don't know what I want to do. Probably, if I strike luck this year, I will then decide ;D

  4. Your Tasuke is awesome. I've seen it at work.

    I think you should follow your guts feeling. there are often right like you said. ;) all the best with the choices you're going to make.

    1. Hehehehe. It is amazing! I am surprised that office use it too?
      Thank you! I'm trying to strike my luck this year. I hope all the best to you too! :D


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