Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hello Kitty: Much heartgasm!

Upon Fatty Ranger Meow's holiday with me, I was surprisingly blessed with so many adorable things that made me goes really really really really exploding with great feelings, happiness and warmth.

I can feel that I'm, once again, the happiest and luckiest girl in this entire universe!

Every night during my holiday, there was always a kind surprise! The feeling is similar like having Santa Claus visited you during your sleep. This time, the Santa Claus visited me during my shower time ahahahaha which is kind of fun.

And unexpected... I guess it's called surprise?

And it's a very very pleasant surprise!

Fyi I'm scared of surprises... I'm scared of crying lol. Much explosion inside me can cause me to cry. Is it weird? It's just overwhelming emotion I guess.

So, I'll break what the Fatty Ranger Meow Santa Claus surprised me with every night:

First: Hello Kitty plush sets!

Take a good note: SETS!

Each night, my dear *cough* I was surprised with a very pleasant one box of adorable Hello Kitty plush from its entire set.

Before breaking it down, do you remember on my Pink Story part 6 that I was pleasantly surprised with two Hello Kitty from Fairy Tales set?

So on my first and second night, I was surprised with the other collection from this Fairy Tale set!

The Hello Kitty Fairy Tale Set part II!

Oh btw, I don't dare to tear the plastic bag down so I anyhow folded it to keep it safe from getting wet... At least until I move to my new house to prepare for a place to keep them safe, that's it!

I hope the kind giver doesn't mind!

So now I own these four adorable little Kitties from Fairy Tales set!

Cannot. Tahan. To. Squeal!

You're forever mine!

Then on third day, I was bombed with the, probably, biggest that dear Santa Claus surprised me!

The Hello Kitty Circus of Life Set! CHOU ADORABLE!

That makes it two sets that dear Santa Claus gave me! ahahaha soooo happy ttm!

I am much much happier that time than getting a 100/100 for my exam. So weird!?

Haven't opened the plastic package because, once again, I am waiting for a better place to put them. Now, my boarding house is just damn packed with so many books, papers, bags and stuff a last-year university student would have, so I don't want to spoil them.

Then, I thought the surprise ended because it has just given me so much heartgasm (one kind of self-orgasm lol) but who knows, the next two nights dear Santa Claus surprised me with adorable additional collections for my...

Hello Kitty Circus of Life set!?!?

According to my result of one minute googling about this set, these two Hello Kitty plushes are the rare thingies and I, just, cannot, stop, thank, my dear Santa Claus inside my heart! *kick Fatty Ranger Meow out of nowhere*



Then, it was all so great and adorable and I calmed myself from the heartgasm attack until Fatty Ranger Meow approached me with this:


It's one of my most favourite thing in this world: Bikini-chaaaan!

I could not express how happy I was when I saw this for me that it was just too awesome for me to be real. I mean, why someone stupid and common like me can be treated so kindly and nicely?


And I got no answer... And I realised that it need not any answer.

So dear pervert Santa Claus forced me to try the Bikini-chan and upon happiness I tried it, though I was half-consciously refusing any stare on my bared body. But still, I was too happy until I could feel heatness in my face.

I know I'm still too fat from having a good-looking body in bikini.

But I guess I can say it's mostly fit, though still need some works to make it perfect.

But I love it so much! Just undying love!

It's my third pair of bikini from Fatty Ranger Meow!

I have told myself to enjoy my bikini view with my future husband every week we go swimming but I guess it broke earlier lol, it's just too adorable for me to keep it alone!


Also, one additional thing for me:

Shoe cushions! One thing that is EXTREMELY RARE AND EXPENSIVE here.

Surprisingly it's common and cheap abroad, so Fatty Ranger Meow got me these things previously. He really sent me an airmail of these things and upon receiving it, I really felt soooo loved and happy! THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

So thoughtful and kind!

My blog posts are filled with Fatty Ranger Meow praising isit? .__."

Also brought me these two again recently, and I just don't know, speechless, motionless and once again asked the useless question: why are you so kind and nice to stupid me?

So anyway I was soooo happy and everything else until I saw who sat on the back car seat when I went back home:


That it's just too adorable and cute----the pinky Birdie-chan.

Until today I noticed something else and opened my very full cupboard:

I remember the three adorable mascots Fatty Ranger Meow gave to me like more than two years ago and now I noticed something: THEY ARE ONE FAMILY REUNITING!

So upon realising this just now, I stopped moving, stared at them for the longest and I happy cried. I had no idea what's going on and looking at them warms my heart so much that it's almost crazy for myself to be loved this much.

I thought I remembered that he said these are so hard to get, but what, he got everything? And also, how many times he said he loved all of them and though I was slightly kidnapping taking owning them now, they are all now here with me.

Trust me, they are all yours as well! Just let me keep it! I love them so much teehee!

What can I do for all of those awesome things given to me?!

I guess I'll need to realise one thing I haven't realised for many years: getting fit. And.... Here we go, body! Let's get fit and happy!

Lots of love ♥


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