Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Day 365 of 365.

Since my blogger dashboard is loaded with this kind of "2014 in a nutshell" thingie post so I'm making one as well.

New Year is generally a celebration, the celebration of seeing that "2014" year on the right corner bottom of your PC screen changes to "2015" hahaha, humans are amusing. But that's what make us humanly. We own emotions, and at this kind of time I feel that the entire seven billion humans in this world are like a big family. And we celebrate the same thing.

Well, majority of us. I know there are several calendar systems exist.

Other than that, it's another cloudy night. It's a pretty cold night here. It's cold enough that it forced me to cut my shower time to half since the shower temperature is tak boleh tahan urgh brrr.

Anyway, 2014 has been an awesome year for me!

I don't wanna say that it's entirely good. I'm trying to be a little bit realistic here (since I'm not a realist but I try to be one only for today).

I had my ups and downs, but definitely there are more ups. I also see the downs as another good thing because without those down moments I will never enjoy these up moments.

I spent almost an entire year away from home. It's a good feeling; trust me. Though there were some times that I got my slight homesick that I cried myself to sleep. I'm not the type that is emotional toward this kind of thing so I can say that I almost never get any homesick disease--but I surely love my family so much.

Shall I break 2014 down into months?

This year began with my first Minor Thesis Project defence: the one I lost gracefully. Technically I passed with great score (89) but the fact that I was unable to get 90 struck me hard and it was one of the biggest lesson in my life. It's actually one interesting story I can tell everyone about--and I'm grateful for that!

February: was my semester holiday; though it was only few days holiday. I didn't go home as it was too inconvenience but Ranger Meow came here for a short holiday and we sorta had a nice holiday date. It was also my originally virgin attempt to take alcohol legally hahahaha. It was shocking, but also nice. Though so it's not like I got addicted.

March: I cut my hair! Nothing much about this haha but it was one of my biggest hair chop. I loved the salon and wanted to revisit there once I earned a little; it was 500K for a normal haircut and I went bankrupt upon the visit. I at first felt weird with the new haircut; but the longer I kept it growing, it somehow turned gorgeous! Now I definitely am in love with my hair model--awesome hairdresser!

April: went too fast. I was busy with loads of assignment back then (Totolan, and many more erm) and not to mention I was hunting for a summer job! Gosh, how I remembered that time me and BFF literally sent so many resumes to so many company emails that we ended up just copy and paste the email content. I was worried over the missed details but, whatever, duh. From about twenty plus companies that we tried to apply our resumes to (online and physically) only less than three replied us if I'm not mistaken. And only one really proceed until interviews. It was the business consulting A* company--the one we got hired at! Omg it was a really hard work. I really understand now how crazy it was to look for a job. Also, it was the mid-exam weeks so everything literally went too fast for me, I barely remembered what happened argh.

May: a somewhat space for me to breathe. After mid-exam and waiting for company calls, me and my classmates went to neighbour country for a short holiday university trip. In my most honest opinion, it didn't feel like a university trip at all. Because after the schedule finished on afternoon we got some time for sightseeing--and it's another holiday-date-like for me! Ranger Meow was nicely took me anywhere there and it was so memorable and fun. Holiday banzai!

June: was a memorable month. I finally got the confirmation of got hired on A* company after weeks of waiting and three interviews in total. It was awesome, and the feeling was great! After got some scary emails of what to do on our first day, we just couldn't wait to start working! Even the final exams on this month felt just too fast because I couldn't really pay attention to study, but rather prepared my V skirts and blazers for my days at work. It was awesome month and for the first time that I looked forward my summer holiday of working.

July: I started my work. My first day I was really nervous and paid attention to my every single movement. Went to the office for the first time, received all things and went to client company on the very same day. I thought I wanted to go to the office once in a while but I just realised that I was going to spend all my working weeks on client company--which was VERY FAR from my place. But it was all so fun because I went there with my friends altogether; so the long and jamming journeys felt much better.

August: was my second month of working. The workloads increased heavily and I got OT daily. I started to join the client company de gym too but stopped after short time. Went home very late had become my daily thing and I barely went online at home. Even I couldn't check my blogger emails and was only able to check it every weekend. I remember how I treasured my weekend so much that I only wanted to sleep on Saturday night. And now I understand why all workers (especially the older ones) prefer to stay at home on Saturday night. And I understand that it's all the reasons I need to go out more now before I won't be able to go out at all in the future when I work. But it was also my very first experience of joining the company's fancy buffet dinner: so fun! I usually went buffet dinner with family or friends so this was my first experience of buffet dinner with colleagues.

September: I ended my working contract. It was really sad for some reasons because I made so many good friends there. Felt those sissy tears in the corner of my eyes but I tried to hide it because I don't like crying in front of people. But I got over it quickly because the next day I directly started my seventh semester. Wow, isn't it really fast that it's already my last semester!?!?

October: I started composing my Major Thesis Project. Me and BFF started our thesis pretty quick--but I realised that we got slower as the time went by. I don't know what's the reason--up until now. Personally, I am the one that got fired up last minute and I thought BFF was not like that; until she confessed to me and I came to realisation that we're pretty similar. Well, I managed to kick myself to do the writings everyday and it's somehow, erm, worked? Hahahaha. Oh! Also it was my birthday month so I had fancy birthday dindin with elders teehee. Ah, and I gave myself present of new pen tablet! YAAAAYZXC!

November: TIME JUST FLEW TOO FAST! It was also sort of my lowest month because I went through a big breakdown and I cried literally whole night until I fell sick. I was extreme ma hahahaha but it happened. I also told myself to cut people who made me cry so it's a promise not to suffer myself anymore. Also, It's another mid-exam weeks. REALLY REALLY FAST?? This time, I had only two exams and it felt awesome. I studied hard, understanding that the last semester is very risky that I CANNOT FAIL. And I scored "well but I could do better" that kind of feeling. Hahahaha, I got 90/100 and 97/100 and those didn't make my parents happy (I am not sure they said it seriously or not) as the only thing that would make them happy is 100/100 LOL.

December is here! Really, unbelievably fast! I rushed my Chapter Three and Four of thesis and somewhat got stuck. Though so, I managed to had my second escapades with Ranger Meow earlier this month and it was awesomely fun! Also I got my early Christmas big presents by receiving huge loads of Hello Kitty flood during my escapades it was awesome teehee. Now during end of year holiday I stayed here in purpose to finish my thesis faster but to be honest here, how I spend my holiday:

70% sleep
15% eat and watch anime
15% do thesis

It's just horrible hahahaha I'm sorry BFF.

Anywayyyy it's soon midnight here and I want to enjoy my own time so here is a small gif for my readers:


May 2015 brings us happiness, health, prosperity and luck.

I'm visualising a very joyous and lucky year in 2015 so stay tuned for my daily journal post.

Also it's going to be the biggest year in my life because I'm graduating. I mean, a really big graduation! I will document everything here.

I also want to thank all of you my readers for everything--all of you have made my blogging days.

P.S. Unmoderated comments will be replied tomorrow.

Have a festive celebration of night full of fireworks!
It's somewhat cloudy here so I am not sure if I can see anything lol.

Lots of love ♥

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