Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A new domain.

I've been using this blog's domain for three years--it has been one inseparable part in my heart that brings me joy and fortune.

Client reviews, daily life journal and many more things--it's just one part of me as a blogger girl for five years and counting

Then, one day some sparks appeared in my brain that I want a pure personal website for myself.

Something like the professional flavors.me or about.me.

Something that every people in this era are owning.

Something that represents the best of yourself digitally.

Something that you can just gladly put on your LinkedIn or professional resume--without so many personal journal posts. Do you understand this dilemma? haha.

I want to express myself fully, and I also want to separate what people consider as professional formal career matters and casual informal matters.

And I was on my train of thoughts of this and thinking of a new domain for my personal website--but I can't think anything better than Hanmiaojuan.com; at all.

So I'm thinking to move my domain--this very domain--to my newest personal website and this domain has to separate with this blog.

This is going to be one of the biggest change in this blog; so I'm thinking about it for literally days (and soon will turn into weeks haha).

This blog will still exist though--of course! I won't stop blogging for now--but I'm thinking to give this blog a completely new domain.

A domain that is somewhat more informal--something really fun; a totally new brand.

Speaking of which, I was thinking to give myself a brand apart from my name that I can use online. A brand that can be my second self, a brand that can represent my messy arts of writing and drawing.

Apart from my name--bold and underline.

So, I plan to give this blog a completely new domain which is going to be my brand.


it's a big trouble. The trouble includes: search engine backlinks, SEO, visitors apart from my blog followers, and many more. The trouble that bloggers on long-run has earned through hard sweats and pains and in between those curly fingers of typing billions of words.

This puts me to an unnecessary stupid headache and light stress (which affects my body that it refuses to do it's proper job wtf) in the middle of my Major Thesis project hecticness; and I would like to announce that this is the biggest distraction that puts me away from my Major Thesis project hahahaha.

I love short domains; I really love it that I'm considering to put it to the list of things that I love. HAHAHA.

That's why I am completely fine by spending more or less $50 a year only for domains--yes, my second domain is going to be a little bit expensive because it's somehow not a basic TLD.

And about my newest personal website--I think the building process is going to take long, really really long. As I'm still struggling for my Major Thesis project, I don't really want to distract myself as the deadline is less than a month now (OHNOES) and I want to squeeze my brain juice out for a completely self-build personal website.

*and more ramble ramble in my head that I am unable to put it into words about this*

I want to sleep early today though I'm not that utterly exhausted. I want my beauty sleep. I plan for a whole productive tomorrow and I want to give myself a good Christmas Eve dinner teehee.

Ah, and a drawing of naughty me:

A 10 minutes drawing yum.

I'm learning to draw girls in panties--super cute panties. I'm trying it with drawing myself with my own cute sexy panties that I never use lmao but I still suck in this; so I deliberately cut the drawing out so it's now more proper.

I need to learn more drawing urm because it's so much fun. Drawing is my second oxygen :)

Lots of love ♥


  1. It's really gawat that I haven't start thinking professionally like this. OMG *sobs* :'D
    Good luck on your major thesis senpai!! Months to goooo~ XD
    and that drawing is so cuteee :'D

    1. Ahahaha it's nothing much, just thoughts. Though it counts as well... But take it slow is the best thing we would do :"D
      Thank youuuuu~ Though it's now counting days.
      Hahahaha I wanna see your drawing as well :"D

  2. HIIIII Happy belated christmas to you. and happy holidays too. plus, happy new year in advance!!!

    I read this post from top to bottom and I think I understand what you were talking about. I've read about domain from some other website (asianfanfics :P) before so I got the jis. but not gonna pretend I know at all, so, I'm just gonna say, GOOD LUCK with that! Just, not concentrate too much on that until your thesis is finish ;) Gambatte ne~

    and that drawing. one word: Sexyh! ahaha I liked it (if this was FB or IG hehe)

    1. Hahaha thank you! Happy new year to you too!
      :") that is so kind of you. Thank you very much btw! Ahhh, it's now counting days. I can only do my best and no looking back now.

      Ahahah I love sexy things ;)


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