Thursday, December 11, 2014

9 Tumbler Drawing Project #1

So I mentioned it before that I'm starting a 9 Tumbler Drawing Project for my very first drawing client.

So *drumrolls* my first client is none other than sillycute Fatty Ranger Meow! YAY!

He just bought a customisable Sbucks tumbler that can be inserted a paper of our own drawing. So (either I offered to draw for him or he requested me to draw for him? forget) then I decided to draw 9 drawings for his tumbler.

Why 9?

Just because. I love the number 9 for no reasons, it feels cute for me.

And I am not sure whether I can keep this up or not but I want the 9 Drawings of this project are Fairy Tales themed!

It's a very coincidence ever since he gave me the chou adorables Hello Kitty Fairy Tales set! I swear!

Then upon our meeting last week then I have finished one, erm settled drawing which took me a week to finish it. I can say that it's far from perfect, still very messy, and so many holes here and there.

But I called it my #1 of this 9 Tumbler Drawing Project:

#1 : Rose Red and Snow White

It's one Germany Folklore about two sweet siblings that live in the forest, helping a grumpy elf. I somewhat had the idea of drawing two adorable female siblings and they just popped in my head!

The finishing is kind of neat so I decided to make them the number one of this project. Though it's still far from what I imagined I want it to be.

Yeah--only this one I have finished so far. Ugh, I'm a super slowpoke.

But then one day before I met Fatty Ranger Meow, I decided that I would draw another one full-page drawing for him and then asked him to resize this demo drawing first then showed me later after the cutting to fit the tumbler so I get the idea of how big my drawing will be for the next 8 drawings.

So I drew this for the tumbler size testing, which I meant to be cut freely so I can approximately know how big should I draw:

Demo : Alice and Handsome Rabbit

Finished this Alice and Handsome Rabbit in one hour because I was in a super hurry of finishing this before putting it in to my bag. It was Day - 1 lol. I didn't even erase the sketches at all but it really looked so good with the sketches so I kept it like that and printed it.

So... 8 more to go!

Which I think it would take me years to finish OMG.

But~~~~I'm enjoying this project! YAY!

Lots of love ♥


  1. I love your drawings! i think you're getting better at this! xD

    1. It's hard to learn drawing by myself ;____;
      but thank you! I strive for improving!

  2. those drawings are pretty and colorful ^_^

    1. Thank you! I'm trying to do it better ^^


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