Thursday, October 30, 2014

Twenty-two rainbows ★

The next time I'm filling the age field in any forms, I should get used in writing 22.

This is the first time when I feel that age is not only a number. I'm no longer defining my age as something ordinary; in fact, it silently reminds me of my life goals and achievements.

So, starting from this point I think age is a sensitive issue and it is kind of giving me some pressure.

I don't handle pressures well but I'm trying. I hate having to divide my attentions to anything, and I have always been sorting out my priorities for me to at least feel a bit tidy in my mind.

But something to say, though I hate divided attentions, it's very easy for me to get distracted. It's different thing you know, to get distracted easily and to pay attention to different things.

I also start to find new trait: I secretly hate when people telling me what to do. I used to just obey, but these few days; I find it annoying. I always think, when people told me what to do more than my parents told me--it's controlling, annoying and irritating.

Though I'm somewhat bold, I'm not just blatantly telling everything out. I sort things out in my mind before I speak things out. This is my reserved side I guess.

Anyway, I'm now way above legal age. So drinking and watching harem anime is quite common for me (though I don't fancy it, but I like it for some reasons?). I think I'm still quite like myself, nothing much has changed throughout the year.

So I did take a note of few "first" things on my first day of being twenty-two:

First selca!

I don't notice any differences on me--except I'm now having messier hair and kind of fattier? OMG.

First breakfast!

And first song that greeted me from radio:

I'm forever loving this song! Wooo ♥

As my birdday fell last week on Sunday where I was having this Quality time, I decided to have birdday dinner with my parents and Uncle sea to fancy Chinese restaurant. It's my first time treating them too with my work salary; and it felt so great because it's one of my wish to treat my parents and other elderlies for fancy dinner.

Though this time, I only had my birdday dinner with them (and I never really treat my friends birdday dinner because I don't fancy it haha) I hope next time I can treat more people to celebrate my salaries of first official work--which ended like few weeks ago haha.

The dinner was small but fancy! Not too expensive as well (Around 500K) so it's all great.

My birdday dinner is very small and modest so nothing fancy to blog XD I just realised this haha.

To be honest, it has been a while since I have big family dinners. Because I'm out of town by myself, and other relatives are either in hometown or overseas so I have never had any big big family reunion for almost, like, erm, 4 years?

I hope next year I can have big family dinner reunion though! I know I have gained so many nieces and nephews hahaha so I really want to meet them so badly!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Nice gadgets! (and you mustve realise now that I'm reading your post backwards..LOL)
    and happy belated birthday (or birdday as you put it xD) to you! looks like you had a fun time! Stacie Orrico says 'Less is more more more' ;)
    I'm older and I was like you regarding age. I tried not to be sensitive about it but most things in life is easier said than done. So, yeah..
    *thumbs up* about blogging. It's for you not for others. and another *thumbs up* for 'Inner Lust of Writing' this had me laughing becoz it's so true. Lust of writing. LOL
    I wonder if I ever cross-tick any of my wishlist. hmm

    1. Hahahaha yeah I just noticed! It's fun actually~~ And thank you for reading every single word that I type XD
      Thank you very much! Hahahaha. That's nice! Less is more more more. I will remember that :D
      I am not sure what caused me to be sensitive of age, probably it's because I think I haven't achieved much on this age--which is kind of saddening ;__;

      Hahahaha~ But that's right. Sometimes I have this uncontrollable lust to write so many things... Be it makes sense or not XD

      Ohhh you will! Take your time crossing them ;D


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