Saturday, November 22, 2014

Struggle of bedface.

I was practicing some uncommon gestures sketches but I am still not satisfied. It's kind of hard to satisfy myself with my drawings but that what makes me strive to practice more. I see daily inspirations from Pixiv (my heaven) and it makes me feel both inferior and want to grow!


Or should I say pillowface? Or what?

I am one of those people who have severe bedface. I completely bloated during sleep and changed my appearance in the first few minutes after regaining consciousness. These few days, I had unexpected morning guests from my friends to aircon service workers.

I seriously feel bad for them having to witness my scary bedface. I hope it didn't give them morning-mares (wtf lol).

So envy of those people who sleep cute-ly and wake up cute-ly--one question: HOW?

I do some thoughtful skincares at night (moisturizer, hair vitamin, foot cream) and sleep cute-ly. I wake up with every part of my body okay except my face--the mega swollen face from the already-swollen face.

I would want to swell my wallet with lotsa moolah but don't swell anywhere else?

Is another random thoughts during some of my weird weekend.. Bear with it?

Lots of love ♥


  1. practice makes purrrfect!!! <3 go! go!

  2. Hahah 'morning-mares' wtfh?!
    But you and i both rgards of bedface but with me, my hair would be just as bad as my face. Hahah
    Cute drawings still. Draw me!! Hahah

    1. LOL! I know... How to avoid those scary morning look!? I'm currently doing research... When I've tested everything and it worked, I will blog about it and notify you right away! ;)

      I will! When I'm free, I'll draw you :D x

  3. Well, I'm a guy so this might not be much use but...

    I always sleep with a window open somewhere, for two reasons:
    1) It's cold outside and, with the heating off at night, it ensures the room gets colder (~12°C is ideal) for sleeping, just like when we used to live in caves :D
    2) If I fart it will help to dissipate the smell quicker ;) Sorry, but it's the truth!

    Also, I have a glass of water by my bedside at all times and have a sip before and after sleeping (also if I wake up in middle of night).

    Hmmm... what else?

    I avoid eating after 11pm, if at all possible, so by the time I go to bed about an hour later, my stomach is settled. Stomachs are primed to do lots of housekeeping tasks during the night, so I don't want to overload mine with new food to process. If I'm hungry at 11pm I'll eat a banana since fruit is most easily processed and bananas are full of goodness to keep me sustained during the night.

    I avoid too much processed foods like crisps (chips) and sugary drinks / sweets, which the stomach will not be able to process during the night.

    Basically, I listen to what my stomach's telling me. It's more intelligent than I can understand and it knows what's best.

    I never suffer from bloating unless I've mistreated my body the day/night before.

    Love the sketches btw; you should be pleased with them, they're very expressive and so cute!

    Hope this helps! :D xx

    PS. One day I'll find a way to comment as something other than anonymous, but then I'm sure you know when it's me ;)

    1. Those are great points! It must be nice to have a cold night wind... Here, the weather is either humid or too hot entire year so aircon is one obvious way to get a really good night sleep. :)

      And lol you can drink between sleep? I used to drink a lot before sleep and always wake up at around 4 - 6 AM for toilet... Though it's piece of cake for me to go back to sleep lol.

      Ahhh, sometimes when I work overnight I'll grab some oats and *cough* potato chips and that made me cannot sleep worse. I guess I'll have to prepare for banana in case ;)

      Thank you for your comment! I'll draw more (as it's one thing that makes me happy) and write more as well.

      And waiting for you to comment as something other than anonymous! :) x


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