Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Major Thesis: week 04, 05 & 06.

Partner did her best for Chapter Two (which myself think it's kind of scary because, looking for thousand of books and journals is not a joke!) and I have started the Chapter Three.

I am not sure if I have done quite much or just bit by bit, because I didn't actually went crazy over my Chapter Three. I did 445 lines of Excel file and now going to start breaking that much data into formatted data.

I'm doing Testing Thesis so I'm going to make Test Case based of the Test Scenario I've made. It is a bit hard to explain here, but briefly, I'm making several templates of testing data, made from few sources, that will help me analyse whether I will find bugs there or not. And whether I am finding bugs there, I should analyse how to solve it and how to reproduce it.

I was originally thinking this is going to be so hard with tons of data and bugs but as I went for Thesis Consultation yesterday, and my lecturer clearly stated to me to finish the entire Test Case by the last week of this month--and she helped me in counting how many Test Case should I make--actually it doesn't seem too much to make.

Actually this underestimating thought gives me some uneasy feeling--is it really not as much as I originally thought?

For progress:
Prologue Chapter : 0%
Chapter 1        : 80% (done, need final review)
Chapter 2        : 75% (tidying)
Chapter 3        : 20% (composing Test Case)
Chapter 4        : 0%
Chapter 5        : 0%
Epilogue Chapter : 0%
Anyway, as you know that I'm getting my new pen tablet which I bought last week, I have been trying it out and it took me a while to get used to it. I got so many inspirations from Pixiv mainly but it drives me crazy since their drawings are all master and I'm nowhere near noob! ;__;

And I'm actually starting my very first drawing project already! I'm calling it "The 9 Tumblers Drawing Project"!

Why 9? Because I like number 9 for no reason *wink*

This project is about me making nine drawings for tumbler insert. For this, I'm trying to make full coloured A4 drawings and I realise that it is going to take me months to finish--or probably years *scary voice* but I'm having fun for it so I'm fine with this long project!

I already got my very first client for "The 9 Tumblers Drawing Project" and I might actually want to request for like months, or years of deadline and yadda yadda--because I'm busy and I need to learn more techniques so my drawings won't be any ordinary at all!

I hope my client won't be angry upon my agony of requesting years of deadline. -__-

So this is one of my very first drawing that I made using my new tablet--I am thinking of making my own chara but I currently have zero imagination about it so I'm thinking of creating a chara with my favourite colours: Red, Pink and Brown!

I used Paint Tool SAI, used two kinds of brushes: Brush and Binary. Took me an hour to finish this after three times of changing the sketches. I am still not satisfied with the eyes, I need more inspirations for anime eyes :O

Hope I don't get hypnotised by tablet too much as I need to finish my Test Cases...

Lots of love ♥


  1. You've almost finished 2 chapters!!! Seems like your thesis is going quite well! XD
    wow, at least you're starting a project to improve your skills XD
    and that is a really cute drawing you have thereeee! all your drawings are so cuteeee :'D
    congrats on getting your brand new gadgets btw!! :DD

    1. Yeahhhh I'm working hard (though I'm sometimes so lazy and sleep)
      Thankyou :"D

  2. oh my gosh! that drawing is cuteness! the colors too!
    and you worrying about drawing nowhere near noob? you should have seen mine. you'll cry blood tears. (LOL!) good job!

    1. Hahahahaha~ I am still so noob compared with many of other artists out there... But I strive in improving myself. So~~ Thank you! Need more feedbacks in the future ^^


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