Saturday, November 22, 2014

Excited for Criminal Designer!

Sis just gave me a screenshot to a poster of the upcoming Kollean movie: Criminal Designer.

Upon realisation that Kim Woobin (right) is the lead actor, I went asdfzxcboomboomz!

He is that bad rich boy looking who look so gangsta with that deep stabbing eye and tall figure and short hair (I seldom like long-haired guys lol).

Important note: I am only a fan, I don't dream high of him lol.

But the movie (I kinda think twice for drama) has serious threat on me. I have the total urge to watch it. My girl instinct kicks me hard to watch Kim Woobin this movie.

I have to totally watch it for the plot!


Then sis would say: bluff bluff. I got caught red-handed?


I seriously thought I want to watch Criminal Designer just for Kim Woobin the plot but after looking at the released trailer; now I'm 9,999 times sure I'm so gonna watch for Kim Woobin shower scene the plot.

The video preview got to be Kim Woobin lead actor's face har!?!? It's okay I don't mind teehee!
One thing about movie that I like is that the main actor is the bad guy one. Here, Kim Woobin the lead actor is the criminal one which gives me extra point to watch!

You know Code Geass anime?

It's my one of the lifetime favourite anime because the main actor (Lelouch Lamperouge) is the notably biggest villain in the entire plot and that what makes it amazing.

Cannot wait for December!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Hahahah fangirling moment!
    I see what you did there! (Your striked words means a lot more than the others hahahah)
    I havent watch Korean drama in a lonnggg time.
    Let me know the verdict once you watched this drama, yeah?

    1. LOL I'm glad you understand those striked words hahahaha.
      ME TOO! I have no time to watch any Korean dramas/movies.
      This is a movie btw and I'll def blog it once I've watched it! *wink*

  2. I never watch Code Geass and totally curiouss.. How many episodes is it konayachi??

    1. Code Geass has two seasons in which every season has 26 eps. It's awesome and original--you'll love it. A bit shounen / mecha as well, but really recommended. :)


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